Ten Post Round-Up: July 23, 2008

If this round-up were any juicier, you’d totally stick a fork in it…

1. It is long overdue to retire this policy.  Gay soldiers should not be held to a higher standard than straight soldiers who are free to date who they like and not conceal their attractions.  It is the gay soldier who is expected to keep their mouth shut and their pants zipped, for fear of losing their job.  The military does not have room for discrimination, particularly if they hope to continue with war without end in the Middle East.

KOAA.com – Lawmakers reconsider military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy
Tauscher is convinced it’s time to allow gays in the military to be open about their sexuality, and she’s not alone. Three-fourths of those surveyed in a Washington Post-ABC News poll over the weekend said openly gay people should be allowed to serve. That’s up from 62 percent in early 2001 and 44 percent in 1993.

2. Even relying on some resource other than coal or oil to produce our energy needs is going to come with a very steep price tag.

CNN.com: Wind power: A reality check

One of the big challenges with using wind to replace natural gas is that, unlike the steady flame from natural gas, the wind doesn’t blow all the time.

To make sure enough power is available when the wind isn’t blowing, backup generators would be needed, said Paul Fremont, an electric-utility analyst at the investment bank Jefferies & Co.

That could mean maintaining those natural gas plants in case of emergency, or implementing even more novel ideas like systems in Europe that use excess wind electricity to pump water uphill when the wind is blowing, then release it through hydro dams when the wind stops.

Either way, any type of backup system comes with a price.

3. Sorry, guys.  It won’t fit in your wallet.  But, on the upside, it will be a perfect fit (that is, if it ever gets mass produced…).

Cool Hunting: Spray-On Condom
While most technologies advanced by leaps and bounds in recent decades, condom design has been relatively static for the last century or so. One visionary German scientist is working to change that. Jan Vinzenz Krause has spent recent years trying to make the world’s most common prophylactic available in spray-on form. The technology’s draw, according to Krause (pictured), is that conventional condoms often don’t fit penises of varying sizes (also pictured, sort of).

4. Sometimes it takes serious ingenuity to survive in a time of war…(Hey, at least it wasn’t selling weapons or national security secrets like some high ranking officials have been accused of doing!)

AMERICAblog: British soldier made $371,000 selling beer in Iraq
I think Halliburton might have a job waiting for this guy. The good thing about Halliburton and the other Western contractors working in Iraq is that having a criminal record would probably only enhance his chances of landing a juicy job.

5. So much for those eccentric flights where clothing is optional.  Pretty soon all flights will be “No Clothes Allowed”!

Signs of the Times: Fliers Complain About X-Rated Security Screenings

When travelers go to the airport, they know what kind of security to expect: luggage searches, metal detectors and shoe inspections.

It’s all part of our post 9-11 reality enforced by the Transportation Security Adminstration. But as CBS 2 Investigator Pam Zekman reports, thousands of travelers have complained that some of these screenings can become abusive and even x-rated.

For arguing with a TSA agent, Robin Kassner wound up being slammed to the floor. She’s filed a lawsuit.

6. It may only be symbolic when it comes right down to it, but it is still a symbol that should be shone across the night sky and around the world!

infowarsnews : Message: Kucinich vs. The Establishment: Impeachment Hearing On Friday
Congressman Dennis Kucinich will this Friday present his single article of impeachment concerning the Bush administration’s deliberate and unconstitutional lies that led us to war in Iraq, putting him in tandem with the majority of the American people, yet in the cross hairs of both Neo-Cons and Democrats who have tried to block his efforts at every turn.

7. B-Bu-But breaking up is hard to do…!  Especially is there is “free” taxpayer money being offered to “keep hope alive”…

Freddie, Fannie Should Split – Free Market News Network
Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae should close down their business or split into private companies and not get government aid, investor Marc Faber said.“They should close down Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac or what they should do is split them into 10 different companies and let them run as private companies,” said Faber, who forecast the so-called Black Monday crash in 1987, in an interview with Bloomberg Television from Chicago.

8. Besides, being a bully only makes you look bad and makes everybody feel sorry for the guy gettin’ picked on!

washingtonpost.com: Ex-Advisers Warn Against Threatening to Attack Iran –

The Bush administration should stop talking about a military attack as an option if negotiations do not immediately halt Iran’s uranium reprocessing program, two former national security advisers said yesterday.

“Don’t talk about ‘do we bomb them now or later?’ ” said Brent Scowcroft, adviser to presidents Gerald R. Ford and George H.W. Bush, during a discussion at the Center for Strategic and International Studies on the negotiations between the United States and Iran.

9. Why does the media seem to be covering up McCain’s mistakes?

The Carpetbagger Report: CBS covers-up humiliating McCain error, misleads national audience
The network showed viewers Couric’s question in full, but instead of airing McCain’s actual response — the one that showed McCain getting the basics of the surge backwards — CBS took a different answer to a different question and pasted it into the broadcast, leaving viewers with the impression that it was McCain’s actual response to Couric’s inquiry.

10. It’s like nitroglycerine, it’ll blow %$#@ up AND save your life!  Life is weird like that.

Scientific American: Good and Evil: A Cancer Vaccine from Tobacco Plants
In the first human trial of its kind, a vaccine grown in genetically engineered tobacco plants has proved to be safe, paving the way to one day use it to help combat a potentially fatal form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

“Karma usually has a wing man.”

Am I forgetting something?  Let me know in comments.

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  1. 100 % behind the reality of Energy Independence and our countries ability to get it done in five years ! $500 billion to sail ! $300 billion in savings plus for this country ! Importing now 80% and our energy independent cars are in europe and we are at war. Oil prices closed tonight at $125.00 dollars ! T Boone Pickins is with BP Capital. Polar ice caps projected to melt in five years.Polar Bears Roar for solutions !

  2. Oh come on,you don’t see the weird weather changes ? More nuclear plants ? How many nuclear power plants cool by direct exchange with the ocean. Now research increased temperatures !