The Daou Report Is Back

The Daou Report is back. Peter Daou, who initially launched the Daou Report shortly after the ’04 election, has re-launced the Daou Report.

The Daou Report was hosted by Salon from February 2005 to April 2008, renamed the Blog Report in 2006 and managed by the ubiquitous Steve Benen after Peter joined Hillary Clinton’s campaign. It was relaunched in July, 2008, with editors and guest writers including Vanessa Valenti, Mark Leon Goldberg, Jessica Valenti, and Steve Benen.

The new Daou Report is divided into four sections:

CHATTERSTREAM features news stories, blog posts and online opinion pieces that are part of (or entering) the public discourse. Each item is tracked across the web and additional commentary is posted as part of the item’s ‘chatterstream.’  Readers can help track stories and add relevant sites, blogs, or links to the Daou Report homepage by clicking “Add your link to the stream.”

THE SCOOP is where editors and guests offer their personal observations and opinions.

VIDEOSTREAM highlights interesting, informative and/or newsworthy video clips.

NEWSSTREAM is a continuous feed from major news sources to keep readers abreast of the latest national and international headlines.

The new Daou Report is a welcome addition to the blogosphere! Congrats to Peter Daou and the Daou Report team for bringing it back online.

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