VoteVets Call McCain To The Carpet On Iraq (video)

VoteVets is perhaps the most effective organization that speaks directly for the Veteran of Iraq/Afghanistan.

It was Vote Vet that made the definitve commercial about the 2nd rate body armor our troops were wearing even last year in Iraq. The US Army still refuses to use the more effective supplier. Today VoteVets has a new commercial and they need our help to keep it on the air. This YouTube version is the raw non-broadcast video as you will see.

Take the time today to send even the tiniest amount of love, in the form of dollars, over to our Vets who have fought so hard and so honorably. They’ve earned it. In fact, for many, they’ve earned it with their blood.

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4 Responses to VoteVets Call McCain To The Carpet On Iraq (video)

  1. Just read that top Pentagon leaders are expected to recommend soon that Defense Secretary Robert Gates order hundreds of additional US troops to Afganistian. US commanders in Afganistian are asking for 10,000 more troops to smash out the growing violence. This is all directly related to energy independence and oil. Polar Bears Roar to support national security and energy independence.Drill more ? More nuclear ? Don’t vote for four more years !

  2. Harry Reed on, no more off shore drilling ? We’ll see the results of drilling in 12 years, if it’s even there and where ? More money spent on the problem and not the solution ? Go for fast track investments on O carbon free fuels and CO2’s are out of here ! Go to ! CNN reporting from Alaska concerning topic. Polar bears roar for national security and energy independence ! General Motors, please go get our energy independent cars out of Europe ! Call grannie and Jed Clampet ? Blame it on them and they drilled it all ! Let’s get on with the solutions and open our wind corridors congress !

  3. Can anybody find a costume outfit of a polar bear ?

  4. Then again, the Vice President shot the Easter Bunny at the Easter hunt ! If I’d been little and seen that, I’d have kicked him !