Barack Obama Hits A Homerun For America In Berlin

A Personal Confession: Today I apologize to Barack Obama. No one can think I’ve been an Obama supporter. I supported Hillary Clinton vigorously and went though a period of real mourning after the primary ended with her concession. I said, as a lifelong Democrat, that I would certainly support our nominee. I know that having a Democratic in the WH is essential. Yet I’ve called Barack Obama, repeatedly, ‘an empty shirt’. Again, I apologize.

His speech in Berlin is brilliant, inspiring, well-timed, unifying, fact-filled and a spectacular home run for the United States of America. I was wrong. If he had anything to do with this call for the unifying policies embodied in this speech he’s not an empty shirt…quite the opposite.

I will not attempt to summarize or post paragraphs of this historic speech. If you want to know our nominee you will have to read it for yourself. I can’t imagine a better written speech that I am sure was delivered wonderfully.

Please do yourself a favor and read this speech. Read the European reporting and see the photo gallery of 29 photos at Der Speigel.

All of us know that America’s image and diplomatic standing around the world, on every contintent has been damaged by the Bush Administration. If Barack Obama can maintain this unifying theme and take the real follow up actions needed to put those words into action America will again lead this world.

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5 Responses to Barack Obama Hits A Homerun For America In Berlin

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    Really this is not only working to earn leadership of the present world, but, more importantly, a step in working to earn leadership in the future world as well. The world where we actually start to do things as a world population, not merely as seperate countries coming together. Certainly that is still a very long distance from today, but that looked like a large step in the right direction.(But of course there’s still no difference in the minds of some between Obama and McCain.)

  2. beachmom says:

    Great post, and thanks.  It made my day!

  3. Beachmom

    I concured with Stuart in a post above. It was a great speech from Obama.

  4. “As the sky opens and the light shines in…..” Ha ! It was an incredible speech,no doubt.

  5. All wounds heal but for Hillary Clinton in there for Vice President !