K-Lo’s Curiosity Boggles the Mind

Me thinks K-Lo needs to go back to school to answer her own curious question:  

If Obama could go to Germany and give a speech in English and be not only understood but well-received, why does he say we all need to learn another language?

It’s mind-boggling that K-Lo doesn’t seem to know that in Germany everyone learns English in school. Contrary to the belief of some that English is a Latin derived romance languare, English is actually “an Indo-European, West Germanic language originating in England.” English is “used extensively as a second language and as an official language throughout the world, especially in Commonwealth countries and in many international organizations.”

German on the other hand, incase K-Lo is blissfully unaware, is “one of the world’s major languages.” Sadly many public schools in the U.S. don’t offer German any more, because teaching foreign languages isn’t on the priority list of the American education system these days. No doubt with a Democrat in the White House, we might see that priority change.

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6 Responses to K-Lo’s Curiosity Boggles the Mind

  1. English is an Indo-European,West Germanic languge originating in England,and is the first language for most people in the United Kingdom,the United States,Canada.Australia,ew Zealand,Ireland,and the Anglophone Caribbean. It is used extensively as a second language and as an offical languge throughout the world,especially in common wealth countries and many international organizations. We have basic english,special english,english reform,sea speak,euro english,manually coded english,back english and e-prime. Carpe Diem ! English in the US stays our official language. We hope and just signed a petition on that with grassroots.org.It’s educationally complicated to explain.Learn as many languages as you can in a life time. We were required to take two years of spanish in HS.Yo nosay ! Carpe Diem ! I ain’t got no mo time to explane moer.

  2. Excuse me, that was black english and New Zealand.  It’s helpful to also understand gang language and their signs and signals.

  3. Language Acquisition Act under NCLB ? Cut funding ! Immigration and paper work on age , reported incorrectly as well as name. Who knows the child’s language testing ? The child should be in second but his age reported in documentation reflects he’s older and he or she is placed in fifth. This goes undetected for several years? 

  4. Paying children to learn ? Okay but let’s skip the cell phones and read what the brain surgeons worry about. Use an ear piece ! These kids can earn $250.00 ? They’ll love this program on a test run !Now all the ones that aren’t getting paid to learn hear about this ? “I’m not doing it and you aren’t paying me.” We’ll welcome that debate and get busy right now. Everybody makes a hundred and we have a milk shake day.Are the copy machines working in the building ? Do we have any more pencils left ?

  5. Did my own survey last night and asked 50 people walking on the street what national security and energy independence meant to them. We’ve got some work to do !

  6. Schlorships ? How are we fairly passing the plate ? How does one student end up with three schlorships and the other head for financial aid paying interest rates up to 7% plus ? 4.6 GPA and no schlorarship while friend recieves a full ride and two more schlorships on top of the full ride.$100,000 for a degree these days !Just had a mom tell me about this and researching it.