Novak’s Victim In Casts

Apparently columnist Robert Novak’s victim is worse than the news first reported. WJLA reports “a hospital source told ABC 7 News,” that the victim is in “worse shape than first thought” and the WaPo has confirmed:

The Washington Post confirmed the victim’s identity to be 66-year-old Don Lilkinquist. A source who saw Lilkinquist said he had appeared somewhat incoherent. Lilkinquist also appeared to have casts on his neck and back and was later X-rayed. The source said a surgical team planned to evaluate him.

Novak claims he didn’t see the victim “splayed” across the front of his corvette. Matt Yglesias notes:

I saw on television earlier this morning that for breaking traffic laws and seriously injuring a man through conduct that could easily have killed him, Novak is going to get . . . a $50 fine. That’s ludicrous. Lawlessly running down pedestrians should be a serious offense.

As I said here yesterday, I don’t get why Novak has not been charged with hit and run. leaving the scene is hit and run, regardless of whether the driver knows they hit someone or something. Why are D.C. police giving Novak a pass on this?  Maybe it’s time someone took away the keys to Novak’s corvette.

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One Response to Novak’s Victim In Casts

  1. Don Thieme says:

    Bob Novak obviously got special treatment from the Washington, D. C. police. Let us only hope that Mr. Lilkinquist survives to pursue a significant personal injury lawsuit against him.