NY Times Relegates Women Bloggers to the Style Section

The NY Times has a piece today on the annual BlogHer conference which was held last week. Sadly the Times relegates the piece to the “Style” section while claiming women bloggers are breaking “Blogging’s Glass Ceiling.” The BlogHer conference “began in 2005 to help female bloggers gain exposure,” clearly we still have a long way to go if the Times sticks the piece in the style section and the first two paragraphs read as follows:

FOR two days last week, many of the men’s bathrooms at the Westin St. Francis Hotel here were turned into women’s bathrooms. The stalls on the second floor were lined with note cards featuring nurturing messages like “You are perfect.” Nearby, women were being dusted with blush and eye shadow, or having the kinks in their necks massaged.

There was a lactation room, child care, and onesies for sale emblazoned with the words “my mom is blogging this.” No doubt they were.

Sadly what reporter, Kara Jesella failed to note in her piece is that BlogHer bloggers cover a wide range of topics from women orientated subjects like Beauty and Fashion all the way to Law; Politics and News; Race, Ethnicity & Culture to Research, Academia & Education and ironically, Media & Journalism. Take note, NY Times, women have a lot to topics to blog about and in order to break the glass ceiling the placement of the piece by Kara Jesella could have and should have been some where other than the “Style” section.

Erin Kotecki Vest, the Political Director at BlogHer.com responded to the NY Times piece here. It’s rather astounding that in the midst of presidential election season in which we just had a very viable woman candidate who came very close to winning the nomination, not word one was said about the women bloggers who worked so very hard in the political blogosphere with their support for Hillary Clinton.

Maybe when the media wakes up and starts paying attention to the fact that women bloggers do have lot to say about a lot of topics, the “36 million women” who “participate in the blogosphere each week, and 15 million of them have their own blogs” might get beyond the “Style” section of the NY Times.

The Times blew an awesome opportunity to give women in the blogosphere their due. Maybe next year they’ll get it right… But I doubt it.

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Pamela Leavey is the Editor in Chief, Owner/Publisher of The Democratic Daily as well as a freelance writer and photographer. Pamela holds a certificate in Contemporary Communications from UMass Lowell, a Journalism Certificate from UMass Amherst and a B.A. in Creative Writing and Digital Age Communications from UMass Amherst UWW.
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7 Responses to NY Times Relegates Women Bloggers to the Style Section

  1. Simeon Gadfly says:

    An earlier article on the weblog Private intellectual covers this point and much more from an outsider’s point of view, allowing your article to compliment the whole!Such denigration of women bloggers is exactly what this conference was all about, and the Times piece merely proves the point.

  2. Pamela,you are a professional writer and know politics up one side and down the other ! “You go girl !” They don’t have their genre of classifications straight !May have to go get my neighbor’s American Pitbull. Not into it to be in style and can order Eileen Fisher or Ralph Lauren. Go Clinton !Not a pitbull,a polar bear that stands for national security and energy indepenence ! Still looking for the costume but can’t find the style I want ! Go Clinton ! Polar Bears Roar ! What type of solar car will you select ? Got style ?

  3. Check out the smelling like a french fry cause we’re running out of gas and covert your engines riding in style ladies.How’s your Miss Dior Ch’erie parfum !Open up our wind corridors Congress and let’s smell up the room for solutions ! We do so appreciate your kind and at least recognition.The women in congress are fighting  for equal pay working in govt.! We have Hillary to thank !

  4. CNN on Obama at the Unity Convention ! What kind of racial inference is,”do you think you’re black enough to be president?” We are all the colors of a rainbow and Americans ! What is it like to be white in America ? “We hold these truths to be self-evident ……”

  5. Have we left out the souls and spirits with fair hearts that see people and not the color of their skin tone or national orgin? My neighbor is a doctor and her husband is in the law profession. Both are black americans and they’re just cool souls and good people ! Amen for unity !

  6. Let’s move the conversation past what color your skin tone is or national orgin. What kinda soul and spirit in the package of a human being are you ?

  7. In conclusion,hope the professional writers surge on and let the New York Times feel their lack of opportunity missed . Go get em Pamela ! I’ll stand six foot in a polar bear costume ,if I can find the right style ! The heels on the shoes these days are high and so are the steaks you’re sold on to buy.