Obama and the Hispanics

Matt Yglesis has a post expanding the poll from the Pew Hispanic Center, that I posted about here the other day. Yglesis says:

Back during the primaries, everyone kept formally admitting that it was wrong to engage in the form of inference “candidate X lost group A in a primary, and therefore he’s likely to lose group A in a general election against candidate Y of the other party” but I often got the sense listening to and reading pundits that they didn’t really believe that. But the Pew Center’s latest findings on public opinion among Hispanics should remind people that this is a very important caveat. Barack Obama did quite a poor job of persuading Latinos to vote for him over Hillary Clinton, but they’re backing him very strongly against John McCain.

The shows that Obama clearly has the support of the Latino vote, regardless of the primary results. Yglesis says he hopes the results of the poll “will serve as a reminder for us next time.” I agree.

When Hillary Clinton stepped up and threw her support wholeheartedly to Barack Obama when the primaries were over, she made it clear that the most important thing was putting a Democrat in the White House and that Democrat is Barack Obama. The petty her camp said this, his camp said that is unneccessary at this point.

Overwhelming Clinton supporters are clearly behind Obama as our nominee – Yes there are some hold outs, but their motives are clearly debatable and they don’t speak for the majority of Clinton supporters. The majority of Clinton supporters are following Hillary’s lead. The PUMA’s don’t serve Hillary Clinton well by their actions and likewise Obama supporters who keep resorting to petty attacks on Hillary Clinton even after the primaries are over, don’t serve Obama well.

So, let’s move forward and work together to elect Barack Obama as our next president.

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3 Responses to Obama and the Hispanics

  1. Amarissa says:

    PUMAS do not speak for Hillary Clinton, we speak for ourselves! We are against the chosen one because of all the illegality of the process by our UnDemocratic Party! We do not support the finger elected candidade clearly demonstrated by cheating in Caucuses, unfair distribution of Florida and Michigan votes, and media bias, among others. We have all the right to express our feelings because we live in a democracy. If you want to support an unqualified and flip flop candidate, that is your problem, I am sure you will regret it if God forbids he becomes President! I, as millions of others, do not take orders from anyone in the Party, including Senator Clinton. We vote and speak as we choose that is something that comes with out constitution and it is known as “freedom of speech”. On the other hand, Obama supporters do not believe in our liberties as clearly shown by comments like these here. My car was spray painted today because I had a political sticker which Obama’s mafia did not like. My neighbor had her car spray painted also in front of her own house and was told by another fanatic that they would send someone to take care of her so she better watch it!.  If your “chosen one” has this class of people behind him, this does not say too much of him, does it?

  2. Amarissa

    Thank you for sharing.