Cradle to Grave Medical Care

Watching Stephanopoulos interview McCain this morning on ABC, it struck me that he’s so easy to dislike that I can sometimes do it without even really thinking.

McCain: “If we start counting time sixteen months ago, it would prove that Obama would be happy to have Osama Bin Laden take over this country, or even Saddam Hussein, as long as Obama could be second in command. And by golly something very much like this will happen if I don’t win in November.” Something like that.

McCain is one of those people who are flat out so dumb that they think that we lost in Viet Nam just because we left there before shedding the last available drop of American blood. And he would do this without even bothering to admit that we’d be buying the same pairs of “Made in Viet Nam” sneakers for the same price irrespective of anything we might have done differently.

So then I turned the T.V. off in disgust, tried to read to get my mind on something else, and found this quote in an article on health care in AARP Bulletin. “Today the typical patient with private insurance is responsible for 23 percent of his or her medical bills – more than twice the out of pocket costs in 1980.” Geez, medical insurance costs more every year and delivers, by this measure, coverage that is so insufficient that most of us can only hope that we’re lucky enough to never have to use it. It’s looking more and more like life insurance. We buy it but only someone else will ever get a benefit out of it.

But not so for McCain. He’s never lacked 100% coverage from the moment when fate decreed that he would be born the son of a Navy Admirable. Given the later track of his life he will have had cradle to the grave medical care without paying a cent either for the coverage or for using it. Some being so blessed would understand that such privilege justifies making a real effort to see that the blessing is universally shared.

But not so for McCain.

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8 Responses to Cradle to Grave Medical Care

  1. Great post Darrell! Good to have you back on the front page chiming in again.

  2. Darrell Prows says:

    One geriatric old fool tried to hardball Obama, and George S. could do no better than lob high slow ones to his geriatric old fool.I admit to being upset over it, but, realstically, McCain wasn’t helped, and Obama couldn’t be hurt.

  3. That’s the goddamn most unbelievable comment I’ve ever heard from a major candidate! How the hell did George S. follow-up?

    I don’t watch the Sunday AM shows. I do a better interview than most of the hosts. I would have been on that statement with incredulous surprise. He would never have gotten out the studio without either withdrawing the comment or directly calling Obama a traitor. Nothing in between!

  4. Universally shared and Health Care=Hillary Clinton for Vice President ! We have hope !

  5. Comprehending…..Hillary Clinton in Vice President’s range !

  6. If we don’t get this Energy Independence and National Security straight you can forget having money for health care and education. Not to mention Iran and they haven’t exactly signed up on the deal. !

  7. CNN reporting=FDA slow on drug warnings and possible drug risks. They just can’t keep up with it all ? How fast can he democrats revise on that ? Health Care ? What’s in the pills ?

  8. Darrell Prows says:

    Far from being forced to the logical conclusion, McCain was allowed to continue to assert that he wasn’t even questioning the patriotism of Obama. (And while I was paraphrasing, it was nearly this bad just because McCain was allowed to repeat his stupid crap no less than five times in quick succession.)