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I’m heading off for the night, but I want to recommend readers head over to Hullabaloo and read Digby’s post on Jane Mayer’s book The Dark Side, The Inside Story of How the War on Terror Turned into a War on American Ideals. Digby concludes:

This isn’t just a fever dream of the liberal left and the libertarian right. Too bad government just passed a law covering the whole thing up. Mayer believes that there will be no prosecutions and that the verdict on these people will be left to history. I wish she was right, at least in the sense that history will be the judge of what all went wrong. The problem is that these fascist zombies keep doing this stuff over and over again and we’ve just had an eight year training session for the next generation of authoritarian devilspawn.

If history is any guide, if left to nurse their wounds and plan their next assault on the constitution, they are going to be worse than those who preceded them. They always have been up to now. History won’t come soon enough to save the country from the next installment of “Conservative Rule.”

Go read her whole post which includes quips from Jane Mayer on Bill Moyers’ Journal on Friday.

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  2. Headed for positive solutions on energy independence and also, view Just read the interview on the book ,”The Dark Side.” Protect and defend kicked in and God Bless the US and our leaders in charge. The Pentagon was on fire and our buildings in New York. Planes going down and innocent people dying because of a terrorist attack on  US soil. Demand cleaner forms of energy and let’s move foward with positive solutions. The energy bill is not moving fast enough and congress is on vacation until Sept. ! React to support in a positive way towards unity ! Gas is going down ? We won’t forget and thank-you but it’s time to be energy independent ! That’s my take on this book and don’t look back ! Go get our solar cars and make a new plan and oh yes we can! That’s why we call it the United States of America ! Prices of oil have gone down and we’ve forgotton before but don’t think that’ll happen again or will another 911. Gore said be bold and make a difference and there is no confusion toward positive energy independent solutions. Why was a book like this written to begin with ? ENERGY INDEPENDENCE !Go BIO- FUEL ! Corn,soy and sugar cane ! Fast tack investments toward solutions ! Drill your brain on that ! Scary book ! Clean coal ! America’ power !

  3. Don’t let the media and politics confuse and we need to move toward positive energy solutions we can use ! Good news ! Iran not serious per Conoleezza Rice ! Halt enrichment of uranium which fuses atomic bombs ! Per Rice,”It’s time for the Iranians to give us a serious answer.” How is that working out? Have they signed ?Where is Rice for an update to the american public on that issue ? Suspend enrichment and reprocessing ! US standing strong ! How could all this have been avoided ? !