Hatred and Tragedy

I can’t even begin to wrap my head around the tragedy at a Universalist Unitarian church in Knoxville yesterday. The first paragraph from Knoxville News -Sentinel says it all:

Police found right-wing political books, brass knuckles, empty shotgun shell boxes and a handgun in the Powell home of a man who said he attacked a church in order to kill liberals “who are ruining the country,” court records show.

Go read my good friend RJ Eskow on the tragedy: Monster: Who Really Killed the Knoxville Unitarians? and then light a candle or say a prayer for the families whose loved ones have been taken by a heinous act of hatred. There’s more discussion at FiredoglakeStreet Prophets, skippy the bush kangaroo, Orcinus, Hullabaloo, ECHIDNE OF THE SNAKES, Shakesville, News Hounds, Pam’s House Blend, and The Mahablog.

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5 Responses to Hatred and Tragedy

  1. Hate speech has a direct influence on hateful acts. I am not here implying that inflamatory comments by right wing commentators will provoke all conservatives to commit hate acts. However, if a person is borderline mentally ill, daily listening to the likes of O’Riley, Hennity, Savage, Coulter, and Limbough could send them over the edge. These “fair and balanced” hate mongers specialize in deameaning homosexuals, femminists, blacks, Muslims, immigrants, etc. If you doubt this, simply listen to Mike Savage’s “The Savage Nation” one night or read one of Ann Coulter’s books. These people are equal opportunity bigots.
    Words often lead to actions. Hitler used oratory to instill hatred of the Jews. K.K.K. grand wizzards (ala. David Dukes) inspired cross burnings and lynchings across the South. What people preach over the airways or at public forums do frequently have consequences. I am not trying to impune the right of free speech. However. all rights carry with them responsibilities. As the oft. used saying goes, free speech DOES NOT give me the right to falsely screem “fire” in a crowded movie theater. Don Ismus was thrown off the air for making one inappropriate racial remark. However, we permit the likes of Savage to demean gays, autistics, liberals etc. every single day.
    This Tenn nut had Michael Savage, Coulter, and O’Riley books in his home. It was not an accident that this killler targeted a gay friendly denomination like the Uniterians. Of course we also have the “Reverend” Falwell types who blamed 9/11 on liberals, abortionists, feminists and gays. Words now and historically often prompt hateful actions. As long as we keep looking the other way while these hate mongers spew their venom, we will continue to see the proliferation of hate crimes. Young people and mentally unstable adults are easily influenced by what they hear. WORDS DO CARRY CAONSEQUENCES!! Buzz

  2. Words have and will continue to carry consequences.   My right to free speech does not give me the right to falsely screem “fire” in a crowded movie theater.  With rights come responsibilities. We permit the likes of Savage, Limbough, O’Riley and Hennity to spew their venom on a daily basis.  These “fair and balanced” people are equal opportunity bigots. This Tenn. nut had several conservative books in his home authored by these news talk impersonators.  I am not saying that ALL people hearing hate speech will be motivated to comit hate crimes.   However, the young and the mentally unbalanced are very impressionable and thus easily influenced.  The hate speech of the KK motivated house burnings and lynchings throughout the South. The hateful oratory of Hiter prompted a campaign of genocide.  Don Ismus was throw off the air for making one inapppropriate racial remark.  But these hate mongers are permitted to spread their hate venom on a daily basis without any consequences. As long as we keep looking the other way, their talk will contiune to contribute to negative actions.  Buzz

  3. Don’t think it had to do with politics but rather this poor man’s confused mind and soul that already had emotional issues of which connects his sick actions to politics being a cause of his emotionlly wacked out actions. He was sick mentally and emotionally reguardless to what he was reading or listening to.That’s insane crazy !

  4. Little kids having a play and this nut case comes in firing a gun ? Had he been released from a mental ward or escaped ? Was he off his medications ? Did he have a history of being mentally ill to begin with ? Have they cut the budget on taking care of the mentally ill ? This fellow had problems beyond the connections of political books found read. That’s insane to comprehend and his actions sick !

  5. What’s going on with our military men dying from electrocution in the shower ? After sixteen deaths already ,we can’t fix the problem ? Scary! They use wood to cut the showers off and congress is investigating.