Here’s At Least One Possible VP

In all the publicity about the ‘veep’ list, a few names continue to surface other then Hillary Clinton. We’ve heard about Tim Kaine (BTW: who the hell is he?), Evan Bayh, a couple of Republicans (screw ’em) and then the one other name that keeps popping up: Joe Biden.

My personal take is that Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton can be more effective in the Senate changing the flawed policies of the last 7.5 years. But many of us also want to roll the Republicans in the largerst tidal wave since Johnson beat Goldwater. For many Clinton supporters that means Hillary Clinton has to be on the ticket. Taylor Marsh has a fine post titled ‘Who Will Channel Hillary?’. I’m swimming upstream with my opinion.

In Taylor’s post, however, we again see the name Joe Biden. So lets get down to the reality.

Who the hell is Joe Biden? Joe Biden gave a very substantive long-form interview to Judy Woodruff of PBS during his presidential campaign.

I want him in the Senate yet he is also the only person who has admitted that, while he doesn’t want the Veep slot, if asked of course he would serve the nominee and his country. It was an honest answer. How rare.You want to know at least one of the contenders? Watch this. I’ll look for more info on the others. Bookmark and Share

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9 Responses to Here’s At Least One Possible VP

  1. WHO THE HECKS BELLS AND COCKTAIL SHELLS ARE THEY ? They can’t announce Clinton yet and the race would be over ! We’re all to engaged in the race and the networks would lose money ! Games over,let’s get out of here and beat the traffic ! Go  Clinton ! We have hope ! Dream team up ! She is the best qualified choice he’s got ! Clinton is a slam dunk and games over ! Team up and go run the country !

  2. CNN ?Are you” politicked “out ? No ! However, when this subject comes up it ticks me off ! Hire the most experienced to support the office of the United States of America ! Obama somewhere deep down knows ! We will get to unity in all this ! Slam dunk and go Clinton ! That’s exciting for America ! Team up !

  3. The subject comes up and it’s like ,ya just sense the Puma cats getting up. Please don’t get those cats upset anymore than they have a right to be ! Unity roar ! Yes we will !

  4. Those are great cats ! It’s sad to go back and see Clinton supportors pulling for McCain and all the divide on a team so strong.

  5. Darrell Prows says:

    I go first choice for Clinton and second for Richardson. Biden was just far too traditional on foreign policy for my tastes.

  6. Andy Witmyer says:

    I’m a huge fan of Sen. Biden.  I love the guy – he’s great.  I even contributed money to his campaign before the Iowa primary.  I think he would make for an excellent VP pick.  He’s definitely a shoe in for Sec. of State.

  7. Off topic but important ,Lou Dobbs had two men on and they’re moving with an Energy Independent Bill ! Sounds like the right direction moving foward on soluions but haven’t read it or is it up to review. Didn’t catch their names for more detailsIf but heard Energy Independent Bill. Call your congresmen and senators ! The solution could be up and moving !

  8. I think it would be very wise for Obama to pick a woman as his V.P.  (not Hillary Clinton)  Putting a female on the ticket would serve several purposes.  It could perhaps quell some the backlash from some or the ardent Hillary for President fans.  It would thus serve to unite the two factions.  Furthermore it would be viewed as an historic ticket offering us the first black and the first woman on the same ticket.  I understand that the Govenor of Kansas (can’t remember her name) is viewed as being smart and articulate.  I understand that there are several other politically attractive woman Senators and Govenors who could fill the bill    Buzz

  9. Buzz

    I’m afraid picking any woman other than HRC would only inflame the dissention with some HRC supporters. I think they would feel that it was a slight against HRC to choose another woman but not her. Just saying…