Ugly Stuff

The McCain campaing has been pulling some really ugly stuff out of the old Rovian playbook in the past couple of days. The NY Times Editorial Board explains more: The presumptive Republican nominee has embarked on a bare-knuckled barrage of negative advertising aimed at belittling Mr. Obama. The most recent … Continue reading

Obama Short List Not So Short?

Sen. Barack Obama’s vice presidential vetting process “has moved into a new stage in which a larger than previously reported group of candidates is being exposed to a ‘deeper dig’ into their backgrounds,” according to the Washington Post. “The hard vetting involves follow-ups to lingering questions about candidates’ backgrounds and … Continue reading


While the odds of an Obama/Clinton ticket seems to have dimmed in the last few days, my own opposition to this ticket is well-known. I believe a guest post by psychodrew at Taylor Marsh is, if not ‘definitive’, a least more detailed than most. The Case Against An Obama-Clinton Ticket