McCain’s Smear Campaign

Yesterday, I posted here about a NY Times editorial on John McCain taking the “low-road,” in his attacks on Barack Obama. The Times isn’t the only editorial board noticing:

The Straight Talk Express has taken a nasty turn into the gutter. Sen. John McCain has resorted to lies and distortions in what sounds like an increasingly desperate attempt to slow down Sen. Barack Obama by raising questions about his patriotism. Instead of taking the Democrat down a few notches, these baseless attacks are raising more questions about the Republican’s campaign and his ability to control his temper.

The tactics McCain and “several of Karl Rove’s acolytes” who recently “took the wheel” of McCain’s campaign are truly those of a “classic smear campaign,” and McCain has “gone beyond reasonable bounds” and settled deep “into the gutter,:” with his baseless attacks.

Smear has always been the name of the game with Republicans, and this bid of John McCain’s to be president, no doubt will be his last given his age. The McCain camp has “now produced four consecutive negative ads against” Barack Obama, and the likelihood is there are more to come.

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4 Responses to McCain’s Smear Campaign

  1. atdleft says:

    Agreed, Pamela. The McBush campaign has really stooped to new lows. I’m starting to think even Lee Atwater would wince at this crap. I just hope the voters will once & for all reject these Karl Rove inspired smears.

  2. John Stone says:

    I knew that McCain would resort to a  smear campaign.Smear is on page one of the Reublican Playbook written by Lee Attwater and his understudy Karl Rove.  McCain knows how smear is done, after all Bush and Karl Rove did it to him.

  3. We have a 75% chance our polar ice caps will melt in five years ? Will you worry about a race card if that happens ? If there is an earth quake what happens to the nuclear power pants ? Iran has not signed up to suspend enrichment and re-processing. Our military men are being electocuted in the shower and already sixteen deaths. What’s a race card in political mud flying ? Not to mention our public educational system that was funded 10% on a law that’ not working.Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.Guess we’ll also respect Amendment I [1791] but think both campaigns are getting a bit carried away on the race card and it does deflect from issues we need to focus. Take the high road ! Peace Out ! We’re all citizens in the US! “We hold these truths to be sef-evident….”

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