While the odds of an Obama/Clinton ticket seems to have dimmed in the last few days, my own opposition to this ticket is well-known. I believe a guest post by psychodrew at Taylor Marsh is, if not ‘definitive’, a least more detailed than most. The Case Against An Obama-Clinton Ticket

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3 Responses to Obama/Clinton?

  1. Don’t agree and want Clinton in as Vice President ! Obama and Clinton can team up as business partners and he doesn’t need someone in there that will agree with everything he says. Clinton will add perpective,experience,and objectvity to better, Obama’s agenda and support his positions of offce.Team up and go run the country ! If Clinton declines then will respect her position but want her Vice President.

  2. Psycho Drew ? Read all that and thought his name matched his political position ! Go Clinon !

  3. Obama doesn’t select Clinton and he may be the one getting over it ! “Let the People Rule !” Clinton’s back ! Hooray ! Get back to the issues and we’ve heard enough about all this racial divide,race card bullshoot in a bucket and sick of it ! Today you’re the color of a rainbow! I’ll be red and my blood preasure went up reading that ! McCain has an ad that’s false and distorting concerning Obama ! Iran has not signed up to suspend enrichment and re-processing. Our Polar Ice caps melt and you won’t have to worry about a race card ! 75% in five years ! Go Clinton !