Hillary Clinton Asks Not to be Nominated at Dem Convention

The New York Daily News is reporting that a “source close to” Hillary Clinton has “confirmed she won’t file a formal request to the convention asking to be nominated along with Barack Obama.”

Personally, I’m not surprised at all by this news and have suspected that it was a given that she would not request to be nominated. She bowed out gracefully and threw her support 100% to Barack Obama, regadless of the fact that some people can’t seem to get it.

She is not going to submit the signed request,” the insider told the Daily News. “People are still circulating petitions on her behalf, but this is a done deal.”

Party rules stipulate that Clinton must ask in writing to be nominated herself and also submit a petition signed by 300 to 600 delegates. Without her signed request, petitions of support are meaningless.

Regardless of the fact that Clinton will not formally submit her name for nomination, “delegates can vote for whomever they want during the roll call of the states.” But, the New York Daily News notes, as other media sources have in recent weeks, that “personally and through surrogates, Clinton has counseled her 1,886 delegates to vote for Obama.”

A source familiar with discussions inside the Clinton camp told The News she may release those delegates when she speaks to the convention on Aug. 26.

The bottomline for those “resisting her pleas for party unity” is that “”Hillary Clinton is 100% committed to helping Barack Obama become the next President of the United States and realizes there are passionate feelings that remain among many of her supporters,” said Clinton spokeswoman Kathleen Strand.”

Clinton supporters who are still holding out on joining in with the “party unity” movement, realy need to wake up and realize what is at stake. We simply can not afford to lose this election because some people can’t move past the primaries.

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26 Responses to Hillary Clinton Asks Not to be Nominated at Dem Convention


    No doubt !   Rocking with this new generation ! We don’t want to get old driving cars smelling like french fries and guess who’s generation is going take the blunt on that? Energy Independence is on go here ! What race card ? Solar cars race ! Go get my polar bear costume and a jam box ! We’ll be racing on Energy Independence and make it take it Obama ! “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes,you just just might find,you get what you need.” Oh yeah ! Clinton For Vice President ! Be sane ,we can’t vote McSame and let’s go for change ? Check into wecansolveit.org for solutions ! Wish they’d run a commerical with a polar bear in a solar car blasting a great song. Go register to vote Obama !

  2. Randy says:

    My Fellow Americans:Please focus your energy on the “DNC Platform”.Also, if the DNC platform doesn’t represent your interests … vote for someone else.If you choose to vote for Hillary in the general election … “write her in” on  the ballot.


    70’s generation will pay for a new commerical for wecansolveit.org ! We get to vote on a 70’s song and dedicate it to a new generation as we do the zoom,zoom in our solar cars ! Get the polar bear and a Puma cat sitting in that solar car but our generation is not going to drive a car smelling like a french fry.Drill more and we see results by 2030 ? Make a new plan but Elvis has left the building and those elephants can stand out there and stomp mad all night long.Open up our US wind corridors for solar,wind and 100% 0 carbon ! The Energy Independence was just signed in 07 ? Met with the oil companies how many times ?Throw the solar and energy independent companies a bone or two ? Polar Ice caps melt in five years ? 75% chance and global warming ?” Look Dick,more radio active decay !” It’s another nuclear plant that cools with exchange directly with the ocean ! How much warmer is the ocean getting ? Didn’t LA just have an earth quake and what happens to the nuclear power plants? You may not be sold on Obama but his positions on the issues aren’t far away from Clinton’s. Get in the solar car and let’s go ! Put the top down and get over it for change ! Play…….”Say what you need to say”, Puma Cat’s and it’s going to be okay !” Party Unity Kiss My Ass” Sorry,it did make me laugh ! They did a great job on the debt ! McCain ? Cats insane and don’t go lame ! Hop in for change and we gotta go ! We’ll all wake up with a hair of the polar bear but Obama’s gottta win this for the democratic party ! TGIF !

  4. Damn Peace out I wish you could put your replies in one post and lose the damn ! key. Sometimes you make sense and other’s I just can’t follow. Please write out the whole set of thoughts then compose them.

    I want your participation very much. It’s just hard to read 2, 3, 4, 5 apparently shouted reactions in a row.



  5. Darrell,we can tell you worked on the Clinton campaign and upset with the DNC. That’s complicated campaign law and policy,proceedures of which we all sat back and said,we need to count the votes in FL. and MI. as did Hillary Clinton.If you see areas of concern then may your independent thinking and voice be heard in America ! Get in there and make a difference but don’t forget ,short term pain for long term gain. Watch CNN’s ,Extreme Challenges ! Roosevelt had a grizzle bear and we want a polar bear ! Not to mention our energy independent cars and clean coal ! I’m not going to sign Hillary Clinton on my vote but you can and that’s why they call it the United States of America. You better hope Clinton is on the Vice President watch. We have got to revise health care and it’s critical.Pick a serious issue you’re worried about that soars way beyond the mistakes made by the DNC. Energy Independence = National Security ! If we don’t get that straight all these other issues to argue ? Go figure ! We need team and unity on the next four years in Washington and the ones that can’t play it need to be fired by the Amercan people. Go drill ? Our generation sees results by 2030 and we pay these high gas prices with our national security on concern ? We grew up in the Regan,Bush Sr.,Carter,Clinton with Gore young voice years. As the young voices argue now over a race card and both campaigns engage ? It’s just a little to sixties ! Subprime and risky loans = Liars loans !Mortgage melt down ? Our genertion isn’t use to that to the degree is is now. Jobs headed for over seas and enter health care costs for corporations and their savings to go. Reverse Red lining and that started in 2002.Bank of America bought Country Wide. Selling on the back end and tin roof rusted ! Delta strategies kick in and hedge the bushes in your yard. Who knew ? Bill Clinton made sure our generation was okay and he and Hillary had economics straight. They didn’t leave us in all this ! Main Street toWall St.,SOS ! 401k’s ? Sharks ! Get out of the water ! No matter how tough it gets, keep a sense of humor ! Predatory lending ?2006 Ameriquest is out ! Hiring people with no financial experience ? Who writes the rules ? The Fed ?1987= Allen Geenspan and warned the . com realities. Does 1927 =1929 ? Need a hair of the polar bear ? A little regulation could have gone a long way. Moderation !Housing Bubble pop the cork ! Recession ? Peter pays the piper ? Negative growth ! It’s ugly and the last depression was in the 1930’s.This is the worst housing crisis since the 1930’s depression and go rent a house for a while ? 70% of Americans upside down ! Soul search and we’ll come back ! We need to borrow Donald Trump’s boat for a fund raiser ! Energy Independence and National Security ! $500 billion on fast track investments on wind,solar and clean coal ! $300 billion plus in returns ! The sixties generation is on the way to retire and they’ve left our generation on the polar bear roar ! Obama’s up to bat ! Grand Slam and it’s out the ball park ! Gotta cash your hope coupon on one of them and that’s who it’s going to be !

  6. kcowley says:

    Hillary’s New York office states that the report in The Daily News is not true. http://riverdaughter.wordpress.com/2008/08/01/sweet-little-lies/

  7. GrapeApe says:

    This is not true. Hillary believes her name in nomination is the only way to guarantee a stronger level of unity for the GE. The media has already proven they cannot be trusted this election season. Even the sources that once were considered reputable are now needing to be fact checked.

  8. Following CNN and reporting in ! Compose your thoughts ? I’m on the stump ! Stay tuned for station identification as the political serious writers, revise,cuss and go to edit. Don’t yell at me it’s , ADD, ON ENERGY INDEPENDENT, Innovational independence. Let’s go get the commerical with a polar bear riding in a solar car ! Music blasts from the solar car  radio, Jump you won’t know until you begin ,ya gotta roll,roll .roll with the punches,might as well begin. Or the song could be…? While you guys fuss over race cards the 70’s kicks in ! Race in our solar cars and sugar cane  up, they left us poop to methane ! We’re not getting old to grease in and this convert your engines to french fries is a no win. Got the song we’re playing in our solar car commerical yet ? We’re an American Band ? Does anyone recognize the generation that will sacrifice on these expensive changes ? Sting ! “Don’t think me unkind……..a doo,doo,a da,da,that’ all I want to say to you !” Look grandmom ,it’s a solar car ! Remember the first space ship that went to the moon ? My how enlightened one can become following politics.What’s right and what’s wrong ? As the alarm clocks ring and we all sing ,go get our energy independent cars,butter bing,butter,bang. The oil pumps run for millions a minute and our national security depends upon it. We’ll all take a hall pass on the big boom and zoom in our solar cars toward a united peace treaty ! We live in a globally complicated world but we’ll be alright and sleep tight tonight. Stuart’s making our solar car commerical and he’ll get it right.Plug it in and don’t you cuss and sin ! Penn. Ave and Obama is just around the next bin ! The democrats win and amen. Sticking with CNN and maybe next time we’ll indent.


  10. This gates for Clinton if she’s in! Sorry Obama, blew out my flip flops ! Guess the be loyal ,if Clinton’s in is blowing in the clean coal to liquid gas freight train wind ! We know you’ll understand! Get your tickets to Denver and they say Clinton’s headed in to win!

  11. kcowley

    Hmmm… Well I wonder why there was no press release denying the story?

    Normally, when the media gets something wrong like this, HRC’s office sends out a press blast to the media and bloggers, alike — all politicians do that in fact.

    5 years of political blogging and being on more than a few press lists has taught me a thing or two and made me more than a few connections, FYI (oops, I forgot you already know that).

    So, now I wonder why bloggers who are supporting Obama, as HRC is, were not notified it was a bogus story.

    I guess the best thing to do is to query my contacts in HRC’s office and see if I can get clarification.

  12. E-mail CNN ! All Aboard = Stand by ! Ready when you are ! If you’re going, let’s go ! You only live once to fight for the voices across America ! It’ll be a lovely day in Denver ! Go Clinton ! Not to mention all this stupid race card politics going on and that’s worse than a bad smelling junk yard dog ! If the polar ice caps melt and there is a 75% chance they will ,who the hecks bells, is going to care what color they are ! Like we’re worried about that in America standing at the gas pump. Not ! If you are go watch Extreme Challenges on CNN. Go Clinton !

  13. Hillary Clinton is on video in discussion concerning going to Denver.”We’ll come out stronger if voices are heard.” “No final decisions have been made yet but she’s working it out with the DNC and in discussions with the Obama campaign. http://www.freepressrelease.com Or, go to Clinton’s press releases ! Didn’t believe it but now I do ! There really is divine intervention ! Hooray ! Way to go Clinton !

  14. Peace Out

    Sorry there is nothing at the link. And there has been confirmation from Clinton’s staff that she is going to be asked to be put up for nomination, contrary to the claims of the PUMA’s. Clinton will be at the convention, that is a given, and I believe she is slated to speak on Tuesday night. Anything more than that is pipe dreams of folks who don’t want to let go.

    Read this at Talk Left: http://www.talkleft.com/story/2008/8/3/15050/34162

    And then go read this at Taylor Marsh: http://www.taylormarsh.com/archives_view.php?id=28156

    Both Taylor and Jerilyn Merrit at Talk Left were very vocal Clinton supporters, as I was. They both, like I, have years of experience in the political blogosphere.

    Hillary Clinton has thrown her support to Obama, asked her supporters to do the same — there is no substance (or truth for that matter) to the stuff the PUMA’s are pushing.

  15. My flip flops are blown out over all this Obama or Clinton ! My heart card’s on Clinton and my ace card  is on the democratic party and Obama. I’m not loyal if she’s going to Denver but no way will my energy be spent supporting McCain. Polar ice caps meltng in five years and he’s yelling go drill more? Blame it on the Beverly’s Hill Billy’s but we can’t drill out of this. I found Hillary Clinton in that video last night and hit the street running. It’s for real and no final decisions have been made but Hillary Clinton said,”we’ll be stronger if our voices are heard.” Okay, let’s go ! She’s going Pamela and that delegate count is close. There is a petition and delegates are changing their minds. This is America and I’m all for,”Let the people rule.” Clinton won the popular vote and she needs to take our voices all the way to the to the finish line. That’s true democracy working in the United States of America ! I’d flunk out right now on democratic centralism. DNC,take a BC. Modern times and appealing to the broad masses with social equality and fairness. You only live once to fight for the VOICES ACROSS AMERICA ! All ABOARD ! THIS GATE’S FOR CLINTON ! Pull up Hillary Clinton’s press releases and you’ll find the video by where she’s answering the question. As for “Party Unity My Ass” and the Puma’s ? A modern movement, of young independent free thinking voices in this country and they did a great job on Clinton’s debt. The dust will clear but the freight train whistle is blowing go Clinton. Thank-you Pamela ! By the time we get to Denver on that long train ride,we’ll have it all figured out. Delegates make it count for Voices Across America and democracy at work. That’s why we call it the United States of America ! Get on the train ! Hillary never goes any where with out her details and a plan. Ya know,she’s not in charge of this movement and let the people rule and Washington needs to listen and so does the DNC or they’ll be looking for new jobs. America is engaged and on this like never before. Three weeks until Denver and these news contributors ? Do they not realize Americans see the bias of position ? Oh please , and you don’t have to be a political expert or have experience to figure it out. Hillary is going to Denver and I’ll bet ya a “hair of the polar bear on it !” Hee,Hee ! Yahoo ! It’s called divine intervention! Have a great day and again learning a lot and thank-you.

  16. Peace Out

    I have watched the video — she said point blank she is NOT going to get the nomination.

    She will be at the convention. That is given. She will be there to make sure that her delegates have a voice on the issues that matter to her and them. That is what this about. She is NOT submitting her name herself, and she has acknowledged that delegates can.

    But, I REPEAT, she has made it that she is NOT going to win the nomination and she is fully committed to supporting Obama and party UNITY.

    In 2004 Dean did not release his delegates until the convention, neither did Kucinich. Candidates believe their delegates should have a voice, that is what Hillary is saying in that video — nothing more. Nothing more at all.

  17. That will depend on the delegates that place their votes and in all fairness, we haven’t counted them yet.Ya gotta get on the train to get there first. America will be there to count those delegate votes and so will every Clinton supportor in the country and she did win the popular vote. We heard her say she didn’t expect to win but that will depend on the last delegate vote. We’ll be on the train watching closely as one, of millions of Americans to find out ! All Aboard ! Go Clinton !

  18. Peace Out

    It is a done deal. Obama has the pledged delegates needed.

    Please see CNN’s delegate count:

    Pledged: 1763
    Superdelegates: 438
    Total: 2,201

    Pledged: 1640
    Superdelegates: 256
    Total: 1,896

    Mark my words – Hillary Clinton will release her delegates at the convention.

    The PUMA’s do not have anough clout to sway the floor. In fact they are only fractioning the party at a time when we need unity and making complete fools of themselves at this point with their anti-Obama rhetoric quoting right wing talking points.

  19. Okay ! We’re making announcements at packed baseball stadiums across the country.”We will be sronger if our voices are heard.”Clinton just cleared the dust off the plate and up to bat.Swing,batter,batter,swing !

  20. If we can’t get the news to get the message out ,we’ll do it the old fashion way. That’s democracy ! Grand Slam ! Out the ballpark ! Tennis courts are packed too !

  21. Blast the song …. “Come on and take a free ride .” 70’s generation on go ! Ha ! Count the last vote delegates ! We’re on the finish line ! Sometimes it’s not whether you win or lose.”Always aim high,work and care deeply about what you believe in. When you stuumble keep faith. When you’re knocked down,get right back up.” Swing,batter,batter swing ! Delegates have the American fight and right to change their minds.

  22. Dedications going out on the radio stations all over the country ! Delegates count your votes ! Get Clinton’s message out and we’ve had it with this media bias and back door politics ! Today Obama says count the votes in Fl. and MI. ? Thank-you and better late than never !

  23. Obama hasn’t put Clinton in for VP ? You’ve got to be kidding ! No wonder delegates are changing their minds and these elephants are smart. Grew up with my dad and he was one but mom wasn’t. “When in Rome, do as he Roman’s do but where is Rome today ?Oh well, The Polar Ice Caps melt and we tried ! Let’s go drill more for money and greed. Get on the train Pamela and we’ll laugh through it !  DNC in all that FL. and MI. confusion ? There is a book getting ready to come out about Obama and it’ll confuse and doesn’t shed positive light for the democratic win. Don’t know anymore than that but it’s the hearsay buzz on the street. He’s not going to win without Clinton and don’t blow it buddie ! McCain has already caught him in the polls and he was way ahead.

  24. Clinton was or maybe still is the one to beat McCain and the American people voted and she won the popular vote.

  25. Peace Out

    This is my last reply on this topic…

    “No wonder delegates are changing their minds.”

    PUMA’s want you to believe that – but delegates are not changing their minds. We’re supporting Obama here 100% just as Hillary Clinton is. Thank you for understanding that we don’t support the PUMA rhetoric at all.

  26. Respecting that and we have enjoyed it but see issues of right and wrong clearly concerning the leadership of the DNC and the way the primary in this election was handled as well as media bias and have strong feelings as millions of others do concerning. Does that make us Puma’s ? No !  Objectivity is important and so is the First Amendment. “Always vote for principle,though you may vote alone,and you may cherish the sweetist reflection that your vote is never lost.” John Quincy Adams  We are proud of Hillary Clinton and her fight for the voices across America and especially in FL. and MI. We also are thankful that Obama has recently supported Clinton’s efforts concerning. Understanding diversity and respecting variations of opinion and position supporting a political party leads to peace and unity. Agree to disagree and that’s politically part of it ,to accomplish a positive end result. Feel like after the convention and the delegates place their votes and voices are heard on behalf of Hillary Clinton, closure will take place for unity. Currently recoginize a state of divided confusion for the democratic party of which millions question the leadership of the DNC and hold accountable.Until this convention, will stay open minded and not counter productive but most certainly honestly objective.”Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation;for tis better to be alone than in bad company.” (George Washington) Good luck with your thoughts of one sided supported debate to bring about unity with the Democratic Daily and understanding toward unity for the Democratic Party as Clinton teams merge with Obama teams and vise versa. “We’ll be stronger if our voices are heard.” That’s democracy ! Good luck !