Obama Apparently Now Supports Limited Off-shore Drilling.

I’ll just refer to the original newstory as it’s an indepth article, however CNN is also covering this. This isn’t the only topic in the story. It comes from the International Herald Tribune.

Separately, Obama said he would be willing to support limited additional offshore oil drilling if that would help promote alternative energy sources, a shift on a plan he has repeatedly blasted McCain for supporting.

Original article is here.

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6 Responses to Obama Apparently Now Supports Limited Off-shore Drilling.

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    It’s not clear to me that there must, and will, never be development of various offshore oil resources. However, if Obama ever wants to try to say that any of this is of the same level of priority as the Gore Ten Year Challenge, then it’s easy to show that he is simply off of the mark.That would truly be political pandering. On the other hand he is a politician. And he happens to be the politician of the two who is not a right wing zealot.

  2. Confusion on the clarification and just heard him say on CNN: “If  I thought off shore drilling would make a difference at the cost for Americans at the pump and in a reasonable time frame ,I’d support off shore drilling but it won’t.” He knows we won’t see results until 2030 and it’s not going to make much difference to the American consumer at the pump. Anyway,think the topic is up for clarification and watchng CNN to eliminate confusion. What’s this about Clinton heading to Denver ?

  3. If Clinton goes on CNN and says she’s headed to Denver, we’re all catching a freight train !Ha,we’ll see and on stand by ! Big banner on the train says,”CLEAN COAL TO LIQUID FUEL !” Energy Independence and National Security is on a roll ! Go Clinton ! You only live once to fight for VOICES ACROSS AMERICA ! Oh yeah and end the mandates on NCLB ! Long banner of American dreams ! Happy Birthday Obama and he’s having a party. 

  4. Zealot ? Umm, fanatical partisan ? When in Rome do as the Romans do,but where is Rome today ? We can’t drill out of this ! Watch Extreme Challenges on CNN .100% O carbon electricty. wecansolveit.com

  5. Time intensive in Iraq either way this election goes. The surge worked because they switched sides and stopped fighting but they could start back fighting at any time. Waziristan,Afganistan,Pakistan. Stabilize Afganistan and the neighbors.Sanctions aren’t working. The next president has to be clear on goals,then build strategy and tactics. Trade offs mean short term pain for long term gain. We have to fix health care and the system is broken. We have to move foward globally for energy independence. Various points made on last night’s CNN Extreme Challenges. Our next president has to be clear on goals,build a strategy and then formulate  tactics. They aren’t telling you about the sacrifices and how much these changes are going to cost out there running fo president. They discussed the balance of power of a president globally and then at home. Just don’t tell my generation we’re driving french fry grease cars ! Somebody better get on those energy independent cars and sugar cane ! Solar and wind and exciting changes begin. 10 years ? Oh no and my generation will be saying,think again. Fast track investments now ! We should have listened to Gore 10 years ago ! We just got the Energy Independence bill signed in 07. Where have we all been ? Reality checks are kicking in ! Extreme Challenges on CNN.