SiteMeter Crashes Blogs on the Sphere

Skippy sent out an email last night to some of the liberal bloggers waring that there was issues with SiteMeter’s code on blogs using StieMeter. Sure enough when I tried to load The Dem Daily, I quickly found out Skippy was right. SiteMeter has been removed from The Dem Daily until there is word that the issue has been fixed. In the meantime the issue has caused wide spread panic around the sphere:

A number of web sites that use SiteMeter tracking code to monitor the number of visitors to their site are reporting that the code is causing Internet Explorer browsers to crash when users visit their sites.

I haven’t spent time testing a lot of sites, but the Gawker Media sites all seem to be affected. These include Gawker, Valleywag, Gizmodo and Lifehacker, among others.

The problem appears to be affecting IE 5.5, 6.0 and 7.0. Internet surfers using IE to access a site that has SiteMeter tracking it receive a message saying the site cannot be loaded and “operation aborted.” The issue seems to have begun late afternoon Friday.

SiteMeter has not responded to a request for comment and so far has posted no announcement to its web site addressing the issue. But SiteMeter’s blog has a few posts published earlier this week referencing its move to a new platform and changes to its tracking code.

A number of sites are reporting that once they remove the SiteMeter code, the problem disappears and their page loads fine in IE.

There is more discussion at:, Wake up America, Sister Toldjah, The American Mind, Gateway Pundit, Viking Pundit, Hot AirFlopping AcesPam’s House Blend, Michael J. Totten, Brutally Honest, Pharyngula and American Power.

If you had an issue pulling up The Dem Daily yesterday, now you know why. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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3 Responses to SiteMeter Crashes Blogs on the Sphere

  1. The Democratic Daily was down yesterday.

  2. I meant to send an e-mail about the problem I was having, but, as usual, you’re right on top of things.

  3. Darrell

    I have no idea how long it was out before i caught it.