The politics of business or the business of politics?

Hey McCain, let’s look at a quote from an article entitled “All eyes on India’s nuclear prize” at P. 32 of the August 4 issue of Business Week magazine. “India hasn’t signed a treaty that created a global fund to compensate victims of nuclear disasters, so reactor-builders in India would have to shoulder the responsibility…’GE may never sell a reactor to India if they don’t get the liability issues taken care of,’ says George Perkovich, a nuclear expert at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.”

The answer to our energy challenge, then, is to rely upon a technology that can’t deliver a single watt of electricity before probably ten years from now, and that is so inherently risky that no company will even participate in the industry if normal standards of tort liability apply here like they do even in India?

To McCain, the concept of “vision” means to look back fifty years to find an “answer” that was proved wrong then, and which is guaranteed to deliver the same result now.Why the Wingnuts would support this guy is readily apparent, because that is exactly the approach they take to ever issue in the public arena. But why would McCain float this crap? And why would anyone else fall for it?

If anyone knows the score it’s GE and they have already decided to not play unless the profits are privatized, and the risks are socialized. The typical Republic Party approach to the kind of “free market” that their big money donors demand.

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2 Responses to The politics of business or the business of politics?

  1. “We’ll come out stronger if voices are heard.” ALL ABOARD ! FREIGHT TRAIN TO DENVER ! GO CLINTON !