Boston’s Big Names Turn Out for Obama Birthday Party

Tonight, the biggest names in Democratic politics in Boston who were “once divided into two camps during the presidential primary,” turned out to “throw Barack Obama a 47th birthday fund-raiser bash.”

Harry Connick Jr. and his daughter crooned “Happy Birthday.” About 850 people attended the reception, and about 250 paid $15,000 each — $28,500 for a couple — to dine with him afterward.

The fund-raiser, which sold out a week ago, was meant to be a coming-together of sorts for local supporters of Obama and of Hillary Clinton. Many of her backers were put off by the often divisive nature of their primary race, and what they felt was sexism in media coverage. Massachusetts, where admiration for the Clintons runs deep, gave her a sound victory in the primaries. But Bay State Democrats have joined forces to catapult Obama into the general election with his pockets full.

“Her own exhortation to her supporters, plus the sense of urgency about doing everything we can to help Barack Obama become the next president of the United States, has motivated an awful lot of us,” said Steven Grossman, a leading Clinton fund-raiser and a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee. “We all wanted to make a dramatic statement that we’re with him every step of the way.”

Obama’s head of fundraising in New England, Alan Solomont, said “tonight’s event was a “joint effort” among supporters of both candidates.”

We’ve stopped thinking in terms of Hillary people and Obama people,” he said. “What was good about this was that we got everybody involved.”

Bold-faced names on the guest list included Governor Deval Patrick; Senator John F. Kerry; philanthropist Barbara Lee; former governor Michael Dukakis; and former European Union ambassador Richard Morningstar.

“Are you ready to win?” Patrick asked to cheers. “If you are like me, you are hungry for a change in direction.”

 “I’m proud to join in the celebration and the fund-raising,” Patrick told reporters earlier today. “I think the campaign is strong and doing well. It’s going to be a long slog between now and election day, and there are by no means any foregone conclusions, and I think that’s important for supporters of Senator Obama to acknowledge and important for the campaign to remember. There’s a lot of work still to be done to persuade the American people that the change in course that the Democratic Party is offering through Senator Obama is timely and right. I think it is, and I feel strongly about it, and I think that case is there to be made but I’m taking nothing for granted.”

For his part, Kerry was deeply critical of presumptive Republican nominee John McCain. “He doesn’t get it,” Kerry said. “He’s even dangerous, I think, for the direction of this country.”

Sounds like it was quite a shindig to celebrate Obama’s birthday and party unity in old Beantown, with the who’s who of Boston politics.

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2 Responses to Boston’s Big Names Turn Out for Obama Birthday Party

  1. Sounds fun ! Have they heard Clinton’s message ? “We will be stronger if our voices are heard.”

  2. Peace Out

    No doubt they have as some her top fundraisers were there. What HRC was saying FYI, is she wants her delegates to have a voice. All candidates want that, FYI and that’s what the convention is for.