Obama and Fighting Back and a Weird Day

I’ve only got a few moments to write this post. My laptop went to laptop heaven yesterday, So I’m at the library.

I’m highly concerned with type of responses being made by the Obama campaign to the continued barrage of negative ads. While they are responding those are very polite ads saying McCain is practicing the old politics! Hey guys get a damn grip! Who cares?

Hit McCain where he vulnerable with the same type ad’s as he’s using against us! Go for the major arteries! Bleed him down with his own record of non-support for vets amd more.

Play nice and he’s going to beat you over the head for the next few months….NON-STOP! Damn didn’t you guys learn anything from 2000 and 2004? Gotta run I’ll be posting when I can.

ATTACK McCAIN! Take no Prisoners. This about the health of the nation.

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One Response to Obama and Fighting Back and a Weird Day

  1. I agree Stuart.  Barack needs to take the gloves off.  He does not have to go into the gutter but every McCain put-down should be met with a swift, clear, rebuttal.Senator Kerry waited too long to respond to the swift boat lies and this most likely cost him the election.The very fact that McCain is mud slinging is evidence that he is a flip-flopper.  After having said he would take the high road, here comes a cheap add tying Obama’s mentality with that of  Britany Spears and  Paris Hilton.  Please give me a break!!    Buzz