Clinton Seeks Democratic Convention Voice

Senator Hillary Clinton wants her delegates to have a voice at the upcoming Democratic Convention… And rightly so. Like all candidates before her, who have fought a hard primary battle and have had committed supporters and delegates, Clinton wants her supporters to be heard. It’s not unusual… And yet, for some reason, it seems that some Clinton supporters are still out there misconstruing it all.

A video clip posted on YouTube, that has been making the rounds on PUMA websites ended up in an ABC News piece today. In the clip Clinton tells supporters at a gathering last week that she is “looking for a “strategy” for her delegates to have their voices heard and “respected” at the Democratic National Convention.”

I happen to believe that we will come out stronger if people feel that their voices were heard and their views were respected. I think that is a very big part of how we actually come out unified,” Clinton, D-N.Y., said at a California fundraiser last Thursday…  

“Because I know from just what I’m hearing, that there’s incredible pent-up desire. And I think that people want to feel like, ‘OK, it’s a catharsis, we’re here, we did it, and then everybody get behind Sen. Obama.’ That is what most people believe is the best way to go,” she said.

“No decisions have been made. And so we are trying to work all this through with the DNC and with the Obama campaign.”

I proudly supported Hillary Clinton here on The Dem Daily, in the primaries, and I still do, but I get what she’s saying and it is so not what the PUMA’s have made it out to be. And that was made clear in this statement also made at the same fundraiser (emphasis mine):

What we want to have happen is for Sen. Obama to be nominated by a unified convention of Democrats,” Clinton said at the California fundraiser last week. “And as I have said, the best way I think — and I could be wrong — but the best way I think to do that is to have a strategy so that my delegates feel like they have a role, and that their legitimacy has been validated.”

She added: “It’s as old as, you know, as Greek drama. You know, there is a catharsis. I mean, everybody comes and, you know, they want to yell and scream and have their opportunity, and I think that’s all to the good. Because then, you know, everybody can go, ‘OK, great, now let’s go out and win.’ ”

“And that’s what we want people to feel. We do not want any Democrat either in the hall or in the stadium or at home walking away saying, ‘Well, you know, I’m just not satisfied, I’m not happy.’ Because, I mean, that’s what I’m trying to avoid.”

The bottomline, which some folks still don’t want to grasp is this: Hillary Clinton has endorsed and is now supporting Barack Obama and she wants her supporters to come together, follow her lead, and support Obama, too. She wants a unified convention and she wants Democrats to win back the White House this November, with Barack Obama.

The Caucus, who also reported on the ABC News piece has added this update the story:

[Update | 8:40 p.m.: Mr. Obama’s and Mrs. Clinton’s press offices released a joint statement: “We are working together to make sure the fall campaign and the convention are a success. At the Democratic Convention, we will ensure that the voices of everyone who participated in this historic process are respected and our party will be fully unified heading into the November election.”]

Success means everyone coming together to win in November. Success means working together for the common good and the future of our nation. Hillary Clinton gets that.

Hillary will be holding a live webchat tomorrow on BlogHillary at 12:00 PM EDT. Tune in as she answers questions from her supporters and hopefully reveals more of what she is hoping to achieve in the way of unity at the convention.

And last but not least… Incase you missed it, read Hillary’s OP/ED in the WSJ: No Crisis Is Immune
From Exploitation Under Bush

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20 Responses to Clinton Seeks Democratic Convention Voice

  1. In the Aristotelean tradtion,serves the purpose of purging the soul of the “fear and pity” which most carry around,Aristoyle called this catharis. It’s a greek comedy with a peaceful,happy ending but don’t write the final scene in this historical election until Hillary Clinton is on the roll call at the Denver Convention.No fear and no pity ! This is an American movement that believes in democracy and not fueled by Clinton.  In the very close primary Hillary won the popular vote. “Let The People Rule.” Delegates place your final votes for democracy that still works in the United States of America ! Of course Hillary Clinton needs to be on the roll call and if not, our voices will be marked absent.We will be stronger in America if you beleve in democracy if our voices are heard. CNN reports the Obama team is getting nervous and also reported Bill Clinton will speak at the democratic party convention. Recent polls per CNN indicate over 50 % of Americans think Obama and McCain are risky.

  2. Keys sticking to it on All Aboard and grab your Greek drama book ! As the Aristotle catharsis drama continues. “Hillary Clinton said,”We will be stronger if our voices are heard !” Thank-you CNN !

  3. Thespis in the giant out door theatre of which was the hellenistic period. Prefer the comedies ! Peace 421 BC ! All Aboard ! This gate’s mask is comedy and peace ! Go Clinton !

  4. Virginia Harris says:

    Thanks to the suffragettes!
    Betcha don’t know which president had a love child while running for office, and how that helped women win the vote.
    Most people are totally in the dark about HOW the suffragettes won.
    Now finding out the sexy, shocking truth is as easy as opening your e-mail.
    “The Privilege of Voting” is a new e-mail series that follows eight women from 1912 – 1920 to reveal ALL that happened to set the stage for women to win the vote.
    Two beautiful and extremely powerful suffragettes — Alice Paul and Emmeline Pankhurst are featured, along with Edith Wharton, Isadora Duncan, Alice Roosevelt and two gorgeous presidential mistresses.
    There is a ton of heartache, and lots of hot affairs on the rocky road to the ballot box.

  5. Probably so Virginia and it’s all over national news tonight. Thoughts and prayers to the wife and children. Sign Hillary Cinton’s petition on Woman’s Health ! Do you think Mr. Edwards delegates need to think things over for democracy in America ? Not enough thinking and to much following the crowd ! Alice Roosevelt ? As T.R grizzle bear came to life in his worst nightmares and Alice said,”go get him grizzle.” They awaken in a cold sweat and swear,”I’ll never do it again.” “Hell hath no fury as a woman’s scorn !” MODERATOR CALL EDIT ! It’s a tragedy !

  6. My keys on the letters are sticking but let’s spell it out correctly : DNC , get my donkey back in this race and on the roll call for democracy in America ! Who came up with this delegate idea to begin with ? How hard is it to communicate the date as leaders people of a state go vote ? We need a law delegates on elections need to show up for work and be seated !Umm,gee that’d be disinfranchisment and it’s a felony. The music stopped and find a seat or feel the heat ! The DNC told them when to hold their primary and they didn’t listen and broke the rules.Obama didn’t have his name on the list ? That’s your campaign goof up ! See it a total leadership screw up on both the DNC and the leaders of state. Not the people’s fault ,no matter who won and it just so happens my team did.Obama played that out politically to his advantage and recently sends in for a full vote to be counted. Better late than never ! Roll call,raise your hand and say all voices here for democracy Clinton. We’ll be in the comedy Peace masks from Greek literature singing ! “When the saints come marching in.” All watching peacefully in the outdoor theatre like the Greeks did thousands of years ago. The final scene ! Write Clinton in !

  7. Peace Out

    “Write Clinton in !”

    Writing Clinton in on the November ballot will effectually help to hand the election to McCain. Do you really want to see John McCain as our next president?

  8. The Ojay’s to ya, ride this train and join hands !There’s a surprise in the drama and we all believe in the words to that song. You can be any nationality and have soul with heart for what you believe in. That race card mess is to sixties ! “Put you hands together.” You’ve got to give the people what they want and Clinton won the popular vote in the primary over-all hands down. The delegates followed the crowd and need to do some, “get real ” independent free thinking for democracy. Now we got it,what we gonna do wth it ? We’re not Puma’s and we’re not “Party Unity My Ass.” Just good hard working regular people that believe in democracy and we’re all nationalities.We’re Americans and call it fair and square , right or wrong on either side. That’s what growing up in the sixties taught my generation. We stomp racism ! Looks like an ant gone splat! You vote for the one you want but don’t follow the crowd if you’re not sure, because they’re with your nationality and let’s respect diversity and individuality with peace for democracy either way it goes !You go listen to The Ojay’s ! Unity! We’ve got to make our own decisions. We see the issues divide us but that’s not because of what nationality we all are. Roll call and raise your hand present Clinton for voices across America and it’s the right thing to do. Let’s don’t get to carried away with all this follow the political leader and where are they leading you ? We want the truth and no more lies ! “Give the people what they want !” Majority rules !

  9. Peace Out

    Yep — “majority rules” and Hillary Clinton is part of the majority that is backing Barack Obama.

  10. Furthermore and in closure…. Shame on you John Edwards and get the news out of his yard. Kinda think after thirty some re-winds on every naional news station,we’ve got it. Can we find out what’s going on with Russia attacking Georgia ? Little more concerned about my American safety and what’s going on with the United States ! Can president Bush get his message out with all the John Edwards re-winds going on ?

  11. Polls indicate over 50 % Americans feel Obama and McCain are risky per CNN. Roll call and raise your hand for democracy and the majority of Americans in the primary did vote Clinton !

  12. Peace Out

    Your enthusiasm is appreciated but your facts are wrong. Obama won the popular vote by a slight margin and as we all know he has more delegates.

    The Dem Daily is committed to supporting Barack Obama as Hillary Clinton is.

    The primaries are over, it’s time to step up and support the nominee — Barack Obama.

  13. Those counts are currently being reviewed due to the confusion in Fl. and MI. A full count ! Delegates gather merely to ratify the choice of the voters. Voters decide their party’s candidates. Obama recently sent in that Fl. and MI. be a full count. We’ll see if the DNC honors democracy and takes responsibilty for the confusion leaders should be held accountable.

  14. Fl. and MI. get all delegates but each gets half vote? Fully restored and count all votes ! Headed to Credentials Committee and count the votes. Why should the people be penalized for confusion caused by leaders playing political games with our American right to vote ? Roll call for democracy and my facts are not incorrect and we don’t want a half vote. See you in Denver on the roll call !

  15. No one in America has ever heard tell of a half vote and it’s nuts ! The Clinton campaign offered early on to pay for a re-do on Fl. and MI.fair and square ! Obama didn’t support it beause he knew he’d lose and Clinton won both states to begin with. Obama and Edwards weren’t on the the roll call in MI. Don’t expect Americans to take a half vote for leadership political bullshoot in the bucket ! Enter now the integrity of Edwards and go figure ! 

  16. We can debate this until the sun comes up but the bottom line is, Hillary has to sign the petition and let them know she’s fighting to the end and hasn’t yet.That’s up to Clinton and think she will.

  17. Peace Out

    Odds are Clinton won’t sign the petition. But believe away…

  18. “For everyone who’s ever been counted out but refused to be knocked out and for everyone who works hard and never gives up,this one is for you.” I’ll put my $50.00 on that and good night !The laws and campaign proceedure ? How about just be clear on when the people vote and then there wouldn’t have been a fuss and confusion to begin with. If she decides she’s not,we’ll start working on the unity deal. No sweat,got my comedy peace mask. Gather peacefully in Denver either way it goes and keep positive thoughts on that ! What’s going on with Russia and Georgia ? President Bush was on and he said, the US wants a cease fire. “Stand down ,”per Bush ! Where does the US get oil ?

  19. kimberly bishop says:

    Who cares if Hillary’s name is entered in or read out? What I want is her name on that ballot as vice president. Period. Those of us who believe so are not “sticks in the mud” or “devoted followers,” as if she is a God. What we know is that she was always, then and now, the best candidate of the three to get the job done. This is especially true of health care, a concern most young people who supprt Obama aren’t old enough to be concerned about. She has been working on and has already formed, a consise health care plan for YEARS, not the short time Obama has.
    With our population aging (the population’s elderly expecting to triple very quickly), diabetes and other chronic diseases at record levels and growing, we had best deal with that one issue NOW. Put her on the ticket and GET THE JOB DONE. Otherwise, either Obama will not win or will win by a tiny margin and end up just like Bush SR. – a one-term joe. This election will be very close and Obama needs ALL of Hillary’s backers. I think the actual number of those who will stay home or show up to vote for McCain is higher than Obama thinks. He could correct that instantly. Only that – PUTTING HILLARY ON THE TICKET – will bring democrats together in truth. If democrats lose, it won’t be because the “nay-saying Hillary backers” would not cooperate, it will be Obama’s failure to recognize the obvious.

  20. We have one last opportunity to place the best and most qualified with experience in the White House to run the country. Hopefully the delegates will retally their preferences and repeal at the convention and her name is on the roll call ! Want the democratic party either way to win but believe in the fair process for democracy of the democratic party.All voices will be heard and she is in for nomination of which many did not expect. We’ll see ! The elevated language associations are interesting and now look up, “Peace In The Kingdom.” That is a musical drama ! CNN contributors are picking up on the elevated language communication associations and inferences making connections.