John McCain’s Unpresidential Exploitation of His Wife

I’ve missed a lot of big news today… Including the very unpresidential act commited by John McCain at the 68th annual Sturgis Rally at Buffalo Chip campground, when he exploited his wife, Cindy McCain in front of a “tens of thousands” of cheering bikers:

The Buffalo Chip beauty contest, that McCain was referring to is an “infamously debauched event that’s been known to feature topless women.”

I encouraged Cindy to compete,” McCain said to cheers. “I told her with a little luck she could be the only woman ever to serve as first lady and Miss Buffalo Chip.”

Talk about your pandering… It’s takes all kinds, but once again, we see that John McCain is a sexist pig, who certainly doesn’t take women’s issues to heart if he’ll stoop so low to suggest his wife enter a “topless” beauty pagent to try to attract votes.

There’s more at: Wonkette, Taylor Marsh, DownWithTyranny!, The Huffington Post, The Seminal, The Carpetbagger Report, Shakesville, D-Day, Commentary, and TalkLeft.

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4 Responses to John McCain’s Unpresidential Exploitation of His Wife

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    Has the McCain campaign posted a link to nude Cindy pics yet? People deserve to see if she really has the makings of a buffalo chip gal. I’m sure mama McCain would be so proud!

  2. Darrell

    I can do with out knowing…

  3. McCain is not too bright, to say the least.  Anyone who would offer his wife up for an X rated pagent like this, should not be elected dog catcher–yet alone President.  This add should pursuade every female in America to pass on McCain. (really “McBush”)After the low road Paris Hilton and B. Spears adds, Obama needs to take the gloves off and fight back.  McCain’s long Senate carrier establishes him firmly as the biggest flip-flopper of all time.  He has voted “yea ” on  Bush sponsored legislation 91% of the time over the past eight years.  His election would represent a quasi third term for “The Decider”.  These are the things that Obama needs to stress repeatedly in his ads!!

  4. Darrell Prows says:

    Anybody who doesn’t think that this dude’s a class act doesn’t know what class is.