Maybe Not Bayh…

Monday night I reported that the rumor mill was buzzing that Barack Obama would “name Evan Bayh as his VP choice on Wednesday in Indiana.” The Indiana event has come and gone and if Obama plans to name Evan Bayh as VP, it didn’t happen today. The Obama campaign rally held in Indiana today, however is still stoking rumors that Bayh might eventually be the pick:

Obama won’t be tipping his hand for running mate this week, one campaign official said, and he won’t do it next week either, at least not while he’s vacationing with his family in Hawaii. That vacation ends Aug. 16, giving Obama about a week and a half to make a decision in advance of the Democratic convention.

There has been speculation for some time that this would be the week Obama would make his decision, on the theory that he wouldn’t want to risk being upstaged by the Olympic Games in Beijing. Among the lead proponents of this theory: employees of NBC, which is televising the games.

The soothing words from the campaign that a decision isn’t imminent didn’t placate edgy reporters, some of whom camped out late Tuesday in the lobby of the Elkhart motel where Obama was staying, on the off-chance that Bayh might show up in a black limousine.

Further stoking speculation that Bayh is the one: the film crew that routinely shoots video for Obama campaign ads were spotted at the Elkhart event.

Word has it that “Bayh, along with Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine and fellow Sens. Joseph Biden and Christopher Dodd are on the vice presidential short list,” but Barack Obama “isn’t letting on, and though the two men embraced warmly, he did nothing Wednesday to indicate he favored Bayh as his running mate.”

Stay tuned… As the rumor mill flames on.

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