Obama’s VP Announcement Looms

The Obma camp sent out an email tonight letting supporters know they can be the first to find out who the pick is for Obama’s Vice President. Speculation is running due to the email which entices supporters to sing up to receive and email or a text message of the decision and be among the first to know.  

No doubt the announcement will “surely come before the Democratic National Convention starts in Denver on Aug. 25″ and Andrew Malcolm teases on Top Of The Ticket, that “It could even come while the candidate is on vacation, scheduled to end next Friday.”

If not, that leaves a 10-day announcement window of Aug. 15-25.

The traditional scenario would be for Obama and his pick to appear at a grand joint announcement somewhere with their families and dozens of TV cameras.

However, if hypothetically the announcement was to be made dramatically via cellphone texts, e-mails and the Obama website, the two candidates would not need to be together.

And if it came, oh, say, sometime this week. it would instantly dominate the news stream and erase any advantage Republican Sen. John McCain might have gotten from a week of campaigning without the Democrats’ competition.

Then, the two Democratic running mates could appear together later at another event and get a bonus second publicity boost.

Of course, the skeptics in all of us recognize this is a great way for the Obama camp to harvest more email addresses and cell phone numbers, “a priceless, free recruiting and fundraising tool.” I won’t be opting for the text message, thank you… But I will post here as soon as possible when the news breaks. Stay tuned…

Oh, and incase you are wondering who’ll be speaking at the Democratic Convention and when, here’s a teaser.

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One Response to Obama’s VP Announcement Looms

  1. jwatl says:

    OBAMA NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME?? Last November, thought that Obama was the leader of the future. He could bridge the racial divide; he could bridge the partisan divide in DC; he could do the work of the people, vice the work of a particular party or special interests; and he could articulate an issue better than any of his opponents, regardless of party. BUT, that was last November, and this is now August 2008. Think that what we have learned thus far is that Obama just DOES NOT HAVE THE RIGHT INSTINCTS!! This recent flare up with Russia is a prime example. We could see oil prices rocket if the pipeline in Georgia is ruptured. His energy plan is timid at best, and very politically measured at worse. TRUE — he could be the Second Coming, BUT, the SECOND COMING OF JIMMY CARTER!! Can we afford that again?? He seems to be able to change his mind on a dime, and seems to have limited loyalty down — EXAMPLES: Rev Wright; Tony Rezko, William Ayers; Father Michael Pfleger;  Jim Johnson; and more recently, Wes Clark. He may have had good reason to distance himself from these individuals, but “why was he initially associated for such a long time with them?  Did he misread their intentions?   He seems to have changed his stance on Iran; Cuba; and certainly on campaign finance. Do not think that he has thought through his economic policies and what they would do to the small businesses — if he has, THEN WE CANNOT AFFORD HIM!! The more I hear from him, the more I feel that he is just not ready for prime time. Hate to admit it, but Hillary’s ‘3 AM’ commercial is now hitting home — especially with his timid response to Russia. He could be extraordinarily DANGEROUS!