Ten Post Round-Up: C.S.B. Edition

Sorry that it appears that I have been out of the loop, my friends. Indeed, that is not actually the case. Sometimes, my days as a military spouse with a soldier deployed means that I need distance from things, including blogging, to maintain my sanity.

In any case, I’m back and ready for bear. I’m working out a new format for the (supposedly) daily Ten Post Round-Up. I’d appreciate it if all five of you would tell me what you think (or not. whatevah.)

  • Be careful where you park when headed to the local parade. Some nefarious tow truck drivers may kidnap your car and charge extortion fees after you’ve been tricked into parking for free!
  • From skippy, we learn which lies are worse. Take a wild guess whether the MSM thinks that lies that lead to an illegal war or lies about marital infidelity are worse…

(originally posted at Hypocrisy)

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Feisty, 30-something, mother of three, wife to Iraq Vet (currently performing Deployment 3.0), home-school mom for 10+ years, and small business owner. Politically, I lean a little liberal, but a lot Libertarian. I may not always say what's on my mind, but when I do have something to say, you can't shut me the heck up...
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2 Responses to Ten Post Round-Up: C.S.B. Edition

  1. Dezzi

    Welcome back… I hear you on the needing a little time away for maintaining sanity. I’ve been in the same space.

    And the new format works just fine in my opinion! 🙂

  2. Darrell Prows says:

    I find your “ten posts” more entertaining than enlightening. Your single posts are extremely enlightening.Thanks!