Late Night: Clinton to Headline Second Night of Convention

Hillary Clinton will headline the 2nd night of the Democratic Convention, Aug. 26, which is in fact, “the 88th anniversary of the women’s right to vote.”

The campaign and convention committee in a statement called her “a champion for working families and one of the most effective and empathetic voices in the country today.”

Michelle Obama will be the headline speaker on opening night, Aug. 25, and “the yet-to-be-named vice presidential pick will speak on the third.” Bill Clinton is also scheduled to on Aug. 27. Also of note with the news of the schedule of speakers for the convention was this tidbit:

Advisers to the New York senator said she will almost certainly not ask to have her name placed in formal nomination at the convention to avoid a divisive vote.

Under DNC rules, Clinton must submit a signed, written request to have her name placed in nomination, accompanied by a petition signed by at least 300 delegates. Some Clinton delegates have circulated such petitions, but the effort is meaningless without Clinton’s signed request.

Delegates are not formally pledged to any candidate so Clinton does not need to “release” them to Obama. The rules also say delegates may vote for the candidate of their choice whether or not the name of such candidate was placed in nomination.

I think at this point those holding on to the dream that Hillary Clinton will indeed place her hame up for nomination, might just as well give up that dream. It’s time for everyone to get to work for our nominee, Barack Obama.

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Pamela Leavey is the Editor in Chief, Owner/Publisher of The Democratic Daily as well as a freelance writer and photographer. Pamela holds a certificate in Contemporary Communications from UMass Lowell, a Journalism Certificate from UMass Amherst and a B.A. in Creative Writing and Digital Age Communications from UMass Amherst UWW.
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27 Responses to Late Night: Clinton to Headline Second Night of Convention

  1. Don’t see it being a divisive vote to have an open convention and Hillary beng on the roll call for voices across America. We’ll see !

  2. Given the confusion in this very close and historical election viewing the primary and half credit for votes of which  are now being reviewed to count in full by Clinton and Obama, feel the delegates need to rally around the majority and if all votes are counted ,that would support reason for Clinton’s name being on the roll call. Think you’re going to upset a lot of democrats if her name is not on the roll call for count all votes. Reading a lot about delegates and they want her name on the roll call and everyone wants a full count. That’s democracy and fair ! There are millions in support of, put her on the roll call and the democracy debate viewing FL. and MI.,the popular vote and no one in America has ever heard tell of a vote being given half credit. That’s divisive and an interference of democracy ! Again,we’ll see what Hillary decides ! Go for it Clinton !

  3. jwalls says:

    I also go for Clinton.  Barack Obama hasn’t closed the deal with me and doesn’t look like he’s gonna if he doesn’t insist on Hillary receiving a roll call vote.

  4. Rocking on for democracy ! “Destiny is in the rising sun !” Can’t seem to stop now ! Count all votes in Denver ! Howard Dean said,”It’s up to Clinton” and the DNC is on green light go for,”Let the People Rule!” Andrew Jackson ! We got our donkey from him !

  5. Young voices all screaming revolt ? Time out and we need to get this straightened out fast 60’s ! Winner take all and let’s go delegates ! Step right up in America and place your votes ! We’ll be watching in our comedy masks to keep it fair and square ! You can call Ringling Brother’s but those cats are out and bet you don’t catch them ! What do you want my generation to do ? Go for it Clinton !

  6. Just raise your hand and simply say,”ALL PRESENT FOR VOICES ACROSS AMERICA!” “Riders in the Storm”, to ya 60’s .” Way to go Howard Dean !

  7. Go to Denver and we need to allow an open convention for real !

  8. Peace Out

    For future reference when you post something you “heard” in the news such as “Howard Dean said,”It’s up to Clinton” and the DNC is on green light go for,”Let the People Rule!””, you must provide a link as per the comment rules above: “We reserve the right to edit comments that post full articles or do not include links.”

  9. The Denver Group has requested an open roll call and delegate votes be counted: and If clarification needed concerning Howard Dean’s response,”it’s up to Clinton” then let us know but read that yesterday. Also,why are Clinton’s delegates being threatened they will have to resign if they don’t vote for Obama ? One of several metioned was Sacha Millstone of Colorado. That’s not cool ! National News may pick up the story and people have the right to know if this is going on and why !

  10. We may have a difference of political position and that is an American democratic right and the Declaration of Independence exists. I was shocked to read where so many delegates have been threatened if they support Clinton and it’s not okay.If that conflict is going on the news will find it and report it. There is a huge push for an open convention and roll call allowing delegates to place their votes. 200 delegates is all Clinton needs to take the nomination.I’m for roll call and call it fair and square ! No one has ever heard tell of getting half credit for a vote. Count all votes !

  11. In my life time have never seen such a historical and close primary of which involved conflict the American people saw clearly.We don’t need anymore pickets in the streets and Americans are upset about it and rightly so. Roll call and count all votes and stop threating delegates that support Clinton and it’s wrong,

  12. Peace Out

    An email address is not a link. Neither is the “” If you have a story you are referring to post the url to the story from the address bar on your browser.

    Example: “The Clinton convention speech will be “forward-looking,” with a message to the delegates in Denver and to the nation, aides said.” –

    PUMA’s have been making all sorts of erroneous claims for months now and none of them help Hillary Clinton.  

  13. Pamela,you’re the one politically experienced and a prfessional writer as the rest of us are just,  American citizens engaged and if Howard Dean says,”It’s up to Clinton,” then let’s verify false or truth and when will we know if it’s an open roll call for the convention with all voices and votes counted on behalf of Clinton supportors and delgates ? Will Clinton sign the petition ? That seems to be a poll indicating 80% to 8% of Americans think she should and that there should be an open roll call by where delegates votes are counted in full. This poll can be found by The Denver Group requesting an open roll call and put Clinton in ! We have no idea where we’re staying when we get to Denver ! Grab your peace mask for the catharis and will pay for your flight there ! Let’s go Pamela ! When I take off for the march to count all votes you can head for refreshments and an asprin. I’m pulling for democracy and call it fair and square !

  14. Peace Out

    Again, I am sorry, post links please. What poll, where?

    As for the Denver Group, a PUMA organization, is not a reputable source in my opinion.

  15. I’m getting it for you and have to go back to the ! They had discussions going on about the open convention ! Turn on CNN ! Something horrible has happened! A man just walked into the Democratic head quarters in Little Rock Arkanas and asked for the chairman. CNN just reported that Bill Gwatney was shot three times and the suspect has been apprehended. Mr.Gwatney is in critical condition. That’s horrible !

  16. Franklin Roosevelt went into the 1932 Democratic Convention short delegates and clinched the nomination. They took the site off but I swear I read it and as soon as I did, told you ! It said,”Howard Dean said,”Its up to Clinton.” Go into Plans for Clinton Rallies Intensify by Bob Cusack. Pro Clinton groups are being organized all over the country but one group is called 18 million voices and they have a march going on Aug. 26th i Denver and nationwide to support Senator Clinton and also to support and advocate for woman’s rights worldwide. The Denver Group co-founder is Heidi Feldman. It’s not just the Puma’s and the Party Unity My…. anymore. I gotta go and aveto buy new tennis shoes for this march. We’re taking lawyers and some big guys and will be safe and peacefully marching. We may need a grizzle bear and politics isn’t suppose to be dangerous for Americans to voice peacefully who they believe in and support ! Rossevelt did it and so can we ! Just take it off about Howard Dean cause we can’t find it and we read it but who knows if that’s true ! 

  17. Peace Out

    All I can do is roll my eyes at this point, sorry.

    Barack Obama has more delegates, he has HRC’s support, Bill Clinton’s support… So march away… have a blast and don’t be surprised when HRC doesn’t get the nomination as the PUMA’s et al fantasize.

  18. ,Today’s features,Past Week,”Clinton backers want,” by Allison Sherry and Anne  Mulkern and you’ll find the Howard Dean response,”It’s up to Clinton.” The delegate count is close and ya never know. We aren’t at the convention yet. All Hillary has to do is stop Obama from winning in the first ballot. After that delegates are released to vote for the best canididate of which is Clinton !

  19. That is if the delegates haven’t been threatened into placing votes for Obama and you can read all about that. A dear friend of Hillary and Bill Clinton’s was just shot today at the Democratic headquartes. God only knows what, that’s all about and it’s being reported on CNN.

  20. Peace OUt

    Again — an email address is not a link. And is not either. Find the article, post the link from the url address bar, or don’t reference anything you can not provide a link for please.

  21. PEACE OUT FOR UNITY Said: on August 13th, 2008 at 2:17 pm

    Don’t even go there with infering that was related to the Clintons.

  22. The only inference CNN made was,the man shot at the Democratic Head Quarters was a good friend of the Clinton’s and God Bless and prayers for the situation we hope to hear more from CNN concerning. Is he okay ? CNN did report the Clinton’s were in shock upon recieving the news. What happened to this man shot and is he okay? We don’t know. Maybe tomorrow we’ll know if the man shot by a nut case is okay.

  23. bjerryberg says:

    Be understanding with Pamela, my fellow PUMAs. She has a blog and a business to run and really needs the money.Oil/currency speculator George Soros is spending a lot of money to buy the Dem nomination for the Anglo-American intelligence community’s intended loser Barry Obama.

  24. bjerryberg

    LOL! Thanks for the plug Jerry! And yeh… the economy sucks and so does blogging for peanuts!

    Of course it makes perfect sense Jerry that you are on the PUMA bandwagon… but you know me, Dem party loyalist all the way.

    Thanks for the laugh tonight! It’s almost always good to see you here. 😉

  25. As per CNN ,”Obama and Clinton have come to an agreement and Hillary Clinton’s name will be in for the nomination at the convention.” Confirmed by CNN ! Retally delegates preferences and repeal for democracy and fairness. Thank-you Pamela and we know this is a great blog site. See you in Denver ! Yahoo ! Confirmed CNN ! It’s not just Puma’s,it’s an American citizen kinda push for call it fair and square. Credit for a half vote in America ? What is that ? Retally delegates preferences !

  26. Win or lose ,Yahoo ! This is what it means say,”That’s why they call it the United States Of America ! Extra,Extra read all about it,Clinton’s name in nomination !

  27. The history books are going to be interesting when this chapter comes up ! This is historical and we will unite in the end for peace ! John Kerry may be a great choice for Clinton’s Vice President !