More shoes drop

The Temptation is to just chalk this up to another monumental blunder by little Georgie, but, really, Ronald Reagan comes in for a heaping helping of blame as well.

Why does the “nation” of Georgia even exist? But after Reagan established the precedent with Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, is there any way to deny “national aspirations” to any village on Earth? Tell me, please, the logic in having one planet populated by a single human race that is broken down into many thousands of “nations”. Because that’s where we’re headed to if this keeps up.

Imagine for a moment how much easier it would be to fight for human rights if all of the people making up the old Union of Soviet Socialist Republics were still attempting to function under the umbrella of a single central government. I’m not saying that it would be any easier to move the monolith in the non-negotiable direction of “freedom and democracy” but at least it’s clear that every iota of progress in that regard would redound to the benefit of far greater numbers than would now be the case.

But, anyway, back to the task of placing blame directly on the shoulders of GWB. God it was always creepy looking at Putin after he and our guy had been together. There they were on the same stage and the Russian was visibly seething at whatever he had been forced to swallow that time. “Plotting revenge” is mild compared to what always came to my mind!

So we “ask” for help with North Korea, and we “ask” for help with Iran, and we “ask” for help with god only knows what all. And, sure, we toss a few bones the other way, as though giving candy to children is really the same thing as “win-win-negotiating” with real partners.

And then we pull out the old ABM card again, and we get arrogant (or, really, BUSHCO manipulative, which is a couple of levels above garden variety arrogance), and any sentient being can see that we crossed the final line way, way back there.

Bush threw the Czech ABM radar and the Polish ABM sites into the face of the Russian Bear recently and then got publicly cocky. I mean, what did he think was going to happen?

So Putin, fool that he obviously is, decided to teach us a lesson (the whole military thing in Georgia, our bosom buddy), leading our resident fool to join with some bozos in Poland to go for the old thumb in the eye routine, and the next thing you know minor figures over there are once again throwing out threats of nuclear holocaust.

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!

No, we don’t need an ABM shield against a truly non-existent threat. And yes the ABM shield can be so easily thwarted that it will always be far less valuable than the cost. Finally, no one will ever take the situation to the point where battlefield nuclear weapons are used in ultimate defense of the Polish homeland, and the Russian General who recently acted like that would be fine with him knows that so thoroughly that he can only come across like a complete ass.

Will cooler heads finally prevail? Yeah, just as soon as we get a real adult (as opposed to “anyone want to see my wife show her smile”) into The White House.

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