Why do we even let the riff raff vote?

Paraguay just had an election. The “leftist” won.

The whole problem with allowing poor countries to have real elections is that it’s guaranteed that there will be a candidate to run the country who talks about using national resources to benefit the national population. Well, if you let people vote for things that are in their own self interest it seems inevitable that they go with what’s best for themselves. I mean, how can that not be a problem?

The guy who just upset 60 years of precedent in Paraguay wants to benefit the majority of the population. At his swearing in ceremony were Chavez of Venezuela, Morales of Bolivia, and Correa of Ecuador. Geez, if this wasn’t a perfect opportunity for a shot from a missile on a Predator Drone, what’s it going to take?

Dude has a religious background, thinks that the rich don’t have an automatic entitlement to everything, and wants to do what he can to get a little prosperity going for everyone.

Our country, of course, will inevitably find a way to demonize this effort.

What’s wrong with this picture?

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