Fighting Back

Obama is finally taking the gloves off:

It’s “crunch time,” Barack Obama tells Karen Tumulty.

Indeed. There are signs that Obama has taken his gloves off and locked them in a cabinet somewhere, maybe in Hawaii.

The Obama campaign is officially sanctioning an attack on John McCain’s wealth and lifestyle — the first time they’ve been willing to go there.

The proximate cause is McCain’s fumbling answer to Politico about the number of houses he owns. (“. “I think — I’ll have my staff get to you”)

It’s about time Obama and his surrogates started hitting harder. It’s absurd that McCain doesn’t know “how many houses he owns.”

As Marc Ambinder notes…

The Obama campaign wants voters to get this message: “How can a guy who doesn’t know how many houses he owns, or what it means to be rich possibly feel your pain?”

McSame can’t feel your pain and voters that think he might get it, seriously need a wake up call. I mean really, do you want 4 – 8 years of the same miserable leadership we have suffered through with Bush? I know I don’t!

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One Response to Fighting Back

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    Not too long ago George Will said something intelligent (surprised the crap out of me). The question was “does the polling accurately capture all of the support for Obama. His answer was that it absolutely does not because Obama is bringing so many new voters into the system and there are no polls set up to be able to accurately sample those groups.Yeah, take the gloves off as a matter of principle, but I see nothing that makes me worry that November will be close.