Obama’s Made the VP Choice, But He’s Not Revealing

Oh, the suspense… So many inquiring minds want to know, just who will be Obama’s VP. He’s made his decision but mumm’s the word:

Barack Obama told USA TODAY this afternoon that “yes,” he has made up his mind about whom his running mate will be — but he would not reveal the name or just when he will tell the nation about his choice.

USA TODAY’s Kathy Kiely writes that:

    In an interview in Chester, Va., the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee said he’s made up his mind, but he would not say whether he’s informed that person yet. “I won’t comment on anything else until I introduce our running mate to the world,” he said. “That’s all you’re going to get out of me.”Obama said it was a difficult decision. “We had some great choices.”Obama said he wanted somebody who is “prepared to be president” and who will be “a partner with me in strengthening this economy for the middle class and working families.”He said he was looking for not just a partner but a sparring partner. “I want somebody who’s independent, somebody who can push against my preconceived notions and challenge me so we have got a robust debate in the White House.”

Interesting… Out of the names floated in recent weeks only a couple of those possibilities strike me as either “prepared to be president” or as someone who will “partner” with Obama “in strengthening this economy for the middle class and working families.”

The top two on my list, and yes, I know they both have been considered long shots… Clinton or Kerry.

Both are totally “prepared to be president” and both are strong on the economy. Kerry in recent weeks, though a strong Obama supporter, was outspoken against offshore drilling, although Obama has floated that he might consider it. Clinton, likewise has shown herself not afraid to spar with Obama or have a robust debate with him.

Kerry and his staff have been pushing back on the rumor mill insisting dismissing all speculation, with Kerry quoted as saying “I’m interested in running for re-election.” As I said here a few days ago, “In my opinion, Obama can’t find a better VP candidate than John Kerry.”

Frankly, I feel strongly that either Kerry or Clinton would be a great choice for a multitude of reasons. Both have a large support base, with Kerry coming so close in ’04 and Clinton winning 18 million votes in the primary. Both Clinton and Kerry are experienced in taking on the Right Wing Noise Machine and either of them would serve well as the foil, leaving Obama to stick to the high road. Kerry would deflect some of McCain’s “veteran” appeal. Clinton fared better with the women, elderly, Latino and lower income voters during the primaries. All constituencies that Obama needs. Either Kerry or Clinton, would be win-win for the Democrats in my opinion.

John Amato on Crooks & Liars points out some interesting poll numbers on Hillary Clinton as VP:

Check out this CBS/NY Times poll:

Senator Hillary Clinton is by far the favorite choice for the number two spot on the Democratic ticket, according to a CBS News/New York Times poll of delegates to the Democratic convention. When asked who they would like Barack Obama to select, 28 percent volunteer her as their top choice for Vice Presidential nominee.

What’s even more fascinating about this poll is that even Obama delegates like Hillary:

Thirty-five percent of Obama’s pledged delegates think having Clinton’s name on the ticket would help Obama win in November, 23 percent of them say choosing her would hurt.

I’ve made my thoughts known a while back that I thought she should be the VP.

Stay tuned… Perhaps tomorrow will be the day when the choice is revealed.

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One Response to Obama’s Made the VP Choice, But He’s Not Revealing

  1. Andy Witmyer says:

    I’m starting to think that maybe Nader’s assertion might very well be right: the Biden, Kaine, etc. buzz could very well be a smoke screen for a surprise Clinton announcement.  This would be huge.I’d be happy with either a Clinton or Biden pick.