Why the Debate Over McCain’s Eight Homes Matters

Politico has pointed out that John McCain has not “Seven” homes, as the Obama camp points out in the ad below, but “Eight.”

Chris Cillizza’s analysis of “Why the Home Debate Matters” is spot on:

In politics, there is nothing worse than appearing out of touch.

From time immemorial, a candidate who is effectively portrayed as forgetting about the “little” people, of having “gone Washington,” of living higher on the hog than voters, loses.

Class remains a powerful motivator for many voters in the country. Politicians are forever trying to cast their candidacies as closely rooted in the communities from which they sprung — a purposeful attempt to ensure that voters know that the candidate “understands the problems of people like you.” Put simply: The worst thing you can call a politician is an elitist.

Cillizza reminds us, and honestly who could forget…

In 2004, Sen. John Kerry (Mass.) lost to George W. Bush for a number of reasons but one of the biggest was the fact that voters believed the Massachusetts senator was not like them. Thanks to a very effective Republican branding campaign (and with a major assist from Matt Drudge) the image many voters had of Kerry was of a windsurfing, Swiss boarding school-educated, swiss-cheese-on-cheesesteak-ordering elitist who could never understand the struggles that they and their families experienced on a daily basis.

McCain handed the Obama camp a “double whammy” with his “house confusion.”

Not only does it allow them to paint the Arizona senator as out of touch with the concerns of voters but it also gives Obama a platform on which to tout himself as a champion of the working class.

This is a debate that matters, because the “little” people of America are struggling to make ends meet in this BushCo created credit crisis. They are struggling to pay their mortages and John McCain doesn’t even know how many houses he has… John McCain is an out of touch, conservative elitist who can’t pull the POW card to get out of this one.

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One Response to Why the Debate Over McCain’s Eight Homes Matters

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    Torture the elitist bastard. Make him suffer for how out of touch with every day life he is. What kind of person would let the adultress who stole him from his sick wife shower him with millions of dollars of real estate in return for introducing her to the power circle’s that her moderate fortune, alone, would never have opened up to her.Oh, wait! I though we were talking about Obama.Never mind!