Obama to Pop the News Any Time Now… Kerry Says VP Not For Me

Barack Obama will be popping the news on who his VP choice is any time now. I’ve written here in the past few days on the speculation that Kerry might be on the short list as a longshot choice. I’d love to see Kerry be the pick, I’ve made that clear. However, Kerry says “VP not for me.”

And speaking of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, you also won’t find Kerry campaigning for the vice presidential nod either, even though his name has appeared on a short list of candidates.

“I don’t put stock in it,” he said of being mentioned as a potential Obama running mate. “Let (Joseph) Biden or (Pennsylvania Gov. Ed) Rendell have it. I’m not looking for it. I’m running for re-election to the Senate.”

Kerry also told the Taunton Daily Gazette’s Editorial Board in an interview on Tuesday when discussing a future run for the presidency “that he wouldn’t give it a go in 2012 either.”

I expect Obama to run for re-election,” he says with a smile.

AP News noted Kerry today as a “dark horse” candidate on the short list that could emerge as the VP choice. Stay tuned… The suspense is mounting.

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