Obama-Biden 08 is a Powerful Reality: A Historical Perspective

Joe Biden, current chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and past Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, has officially been chosen as the presumptive Vice Presidential nominee for the Democratic Party in 2008 as Barack Obama’s running mate. Joe Biden is known for many things. His foreign policy experience heads the list but it could be much longer. Joe Biden, however, has a talent that has gotten little attention and is critical to the success of an Obama administration.

One of the criticisms, mixed with supportive comments, already being published by Markos and others, much less the McCain camp,  is that Biden is a long time Washington senator that contradicts Obama’s central message of ‘Change’. There are supportive major blogs as well. Jonathan Singer at MyDD has a very insightful article about another part of the Biden story that hasn’t been addressed deeply by the traditional media or the blogsphere. There is a deeply mixed set of views in the blogsphere including deep support.

Look more deeply at the subject of his experience, however, and that experience becomes a classic asset to the campaign.His six terms in the Senate give him the practical experience necessary to help Barrack Obama create the change so vital to his candidacy, his presidency and to the nation. Yet change in Washington is very difficult to achieve. (Here is the Wikipedia entry.)

Historically, If we look backwards to another time when change was in the air, it took a consummate politician with extensive Congressional experience to pass the Civil Rights Act, The Clean Water Act and much more. Remembered more for the failed war in Vietnam, LBJ was a complete success domestically in first few years of his presidency after being elected in 1964 in a landslide election.

How could someone pass a series of bills that were widely opposed when first brought to the floor? It was the Washington experience, a knowledge of the intricacies of the systems in the House and Senate as well as deep personal relationships in the House and Senate that could be converted to supporters. His vice president, Hubert Humphrey, had the same deep experience to complement LBJ’s political skills.

Having the knowledge of the very complicated rules and social structures of the House and Senate are critical for the passage of the Obama agenda.

Look backwards again to 2000 for another example. The deeply inexperienced Gov. George W. Bush picked the older Washington hand Dick Cheney knowing he needed help working with Congress. Cheney brought deeper knowledge on a number of topics and, like LBJ and Biden, a detailed knowledge of how to get legislation into law. [This is not a supportive comment of Cheney. He is a despicable man who became the shadow President and created a war that has caused thousands to be killed.]

Joe Biden has many other skills and assets that will be addressed later today and tomorrow. If anyone is upset at the choice remember that if you can’t pass the bills you can’t create change. While Barack Obama has some experience in the Senate it is minimal compared to Biden’s. Joe Biden perfectly complements Barack Obama’s campaign and it’s policies. Check back later today and tomorrow for more analysis on specific Biden strengths and skills.

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10 Responses to Obama-Biden 08 is a Powerful Reality: A Historical Perspective

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    Joe “Let’s force the partition of Iraq” Biden. Iraq was never ours to partition anymore than it was ours to invade. As far as I’m concerned Biden doesn’t have a “let’s earn world leadership” bone in his body. He’s just all about our entitlement.

  2. Darrell

    Biden has been on the out of Iraq train for some time now. I think it’s a good choice on Obama’s part, we need that foreign policy experience right now to win.

  3. Jim Soles says:

    Biden  is strong on civil liberties, has extraordinary experience in foreign affairs and national security. He has been the advocate in the senate for support of first responders and in legislation to protect battered women. He is a firm supporter of economic policies that help the working people of this country.  And despite fox news attempts to picture him otherwise, he has not become wealthy as a senator. As a matter of fact, senate doucments show his net worth to be about 150K. In over thirty years in the senate there has never been a question of unethical or inappropriate behavior.  He doesn’t politely debate. He throws punches.  Ask Bork and Thomas. Now the fun begins.

  4. Darrell Prows says:

    My point is that I don’t see Biden as “the best and the brightest” and that the first time voters would have made this a landslide even without the compromise. I’m there but I’m not happy about it. (Though I do agree that he would make an adequate President is things ever come to that.)

  5. Jim Soles

    You’re right on every count on Biden and this one is a plus: “He doesn’t politely debate. He throws punches.”

    I know a lot of Dems look at him as being rather centrist, but he’s gotten a lot accomplished in the Senate and he does throw punched which we need.

  6. Very direct and like Biden’s frankness. Funny how just a few months ago he didn’t think Obama was ready to be president.

  7. Biden placed fifth and Clinton was supported with 18 million votes and voices heard ! The elephants are already on attack ads concerning Biden. “You need to listen to Biden when he said,Obama’s not ready to be president.” Biden’s comeback will be……………..? Never the less, Biden’s candor is refreshing ! What does he think about half credit in America for votes in the primary? Biden’s vote to support NCLB was a mistake that he owns up to for changes to come.

  8. Darrell: His comment has nothing to do with ‘forcing’ a partition. The Iraq constitution calls for a loose Federal government and near autonomy for those three regions.He was asking for Iraq to do what their constitution called for. Got 75 votes in the senate to support his plan.

  9. Darrell Prows says:

    Biden tried and failed in the same contest where Obama and Clinton achieved clear personal popularity. Once again he failed to really make his mark. If I felt that this was going to be a close contest, the inclusion of Biden would not make me optimistic. Clearly it has done nothing to generate enthusiasm with the young idealists who formed the original core of support for Obama, and who really can and should carry him to victory.

  10. You are correct in your appraisal of Senator Biden, Jim Soles.   I am a senior-citizen and have lived in Delaware all of my life.  Being a small state, we in Delaware all consider Joe one of us.  He is bright, energenic and very approachable.  Besides the DuPont Company and chickens, he has made himself an all time state icon.  Unlike Darrell, I predict that Senator Biden WILL be able to, “generate enthusiasm with the young idealists.”  Just like Obama, Joe’s oratory is inspiring.  Along with his extra-ordinary command of inter-national relations, he has always been the champion of poor and middle class folks here at home.  Joe has consistently made me proud to be a Delawareian and I am sure he will make us all proud as our next Vice-President!!!!        Buzz