Obama-Biden 08 Starts With a Homerun



My one word reaction: Homerun!

Barack Obama introduced his running mate with a great speech. Vice-Presidential nominee Joe Biden gave a truly rousing speech filled with hope and great lines. They used words and imagery that framed McCain perfectly. The most obvious example of the Obama-Biden 08’s new framing was the repeated use of the term ‘Bush-McCain’ when referring to the failures and pain of the last 8 years or the prospect of 4 more years of ‘Bush-McCain’. They tied McCain to Bush with a steel cable today.

Barack Obama spoke passionately, loudly, with emotion and embraced the crowd today. It was a different style of communication and no one could accuse him of sounding ‘elite’.

He was articulate and forceful with a very sharp cutting edge of emotion about America and it’s problems. He showed the world his capability to lead and showed everyone a pledged devotion to the American citizen. Biden said of Barack Obama, “…and he has a spine of steel!” That’s a great vision for a candidate that is running for the Presidency in difficult times. Biden said,”…it may be the most difficult time since FDR.”

Both of them showed passion, committment and near anger at the current situation and leadership today. Joe Biden in his successful not-so-quiet attacks on John McCain, after saying they’ve been friends for decades, were effective and some of them funny. Repeatedly Obama and Biden rejected the ‘Bush-McCain’ 8 years of failed policies and immoral leadership.

And yes, Obama has found the man with a single house, where he returns home from Washington each evening and where he had to take out a second mortgage to pay for his kids college. Obama chose a man of experience who truly understands the issues facing the American family. Biden spoke of the conversation that takes place in America after the kids are put to bed where the husband and wife gather around the ‘kitchen table’ to decide what to do next to pay their bills.

Biden also said, in a great line, that John McCain, worth over a $100 million, had no such problems. McCain faced the more difficult problem of figuring out which of his 7 kitchen tables to use. It was a funny and highly effective moment. Another example of highly effective and new framing of ‘Bush-McCain’

Today Barack Obama, shirt sleeves rolled up, sitting on a stool sipping water from a plastic bottle while Joe Biden spoke, was a member of the crowd, not soaring above the crowd but a true member. His speech appealed to the passion, the need for America to again allow the parents to beleive they will leave a better America for their children.

He and Biden both spoke of their belief in the American people. Obama said it well when he said that the ‘American public had never let America down when their leaders leveled with them’.  Both speeches appealed to the hopes and dreams of better times coming. They appealed to the public’s quest for better leadership.

With both on stage at once and Biden giving a rousing speech with great lines and effective embedded attacks on ‘Bush-McCain’, we saw for the first time a true team that complements each other. If you didn’t see the entire set of speeches DemDaily will try to find a link tonight.

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4 Responses to Obama-Biden 08 Starts With a Homerun

  1. Andy Witmyer says:

    I was floored by their speeches today.  Sure, Obama may have slipped up a bit when he initially referred to Biden as “the next President of the United States” – the Republicans are calling it a Freudian slip – but who knows, after that speech, it wouldn’t suprise me if maybe 8 years from now, Biden really WILL BE the next President of the United States.  All joking aside, I enjoyed seeing Obama and Biden on stage together and I’m looking forward to see them hitting the campaign trail in the weeks ahead.

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  3. What changed Biden’s mind ? Just a few months ago he said Obama was not ready to be president. Think Clinton would have been a better choice but like Biden. 

  4. Peace Out: It was a campaign. And the truth is that Obama has matured a lot on this long 17 month campaign. Hillary is out. McCain must lose. Need your vote.