Hillary Responds to McCain Ad

An independent agency of the RNC is running an ad using Hillary Clinton’s words from the primaries against Obama. Politico reports that Clinton has responded to the ad:

I’m Hillary Clinton, and I do not approve that message,” Clinton tells the New York delegation of McCain’s ad that features her old criticism of Obama.

Clinton says Democrats are gathered in Denver for a “clear and specific purpose, and that is to elect Barack Obama president of the United States,” my colleague Amie Parnes reports.

“Now I ask each and every one of you to work as hard for Obama as you worked for me,” she said.

I think Jonathan Singer of MYDD has great idea how the Obama camp can use Hillary’s response:

That sounds like a great script for an ad to be put out by the Obama campaign, or even the Democratic National Convention — Hillary Clinton speaking to camera, right after a brief excerpt of the RNC IE ad, saying “I’m Hillary Clinton and I do not approve that message… Now I ask each and every one of you to work as hard for Obama as you worked for me.” What better way to dispel the false notion perpetuated by some in the media, and exploited with paid media by the McCain campaign, that Clinton isn’t on board with the Democratic ticket of Obama-Biden this year?

It’s time for everyone to get on board and take back the White House.

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