Late Night: Kennedy plans to address DNC

It’s been a while since I did a late night thread… so here goes…

John Daniello, the chairman of the Delaware Democratic Party on Obama – Biden: “Seeing them together now, they’re a natural team,” he said. “I think they’re going to do well.”

Florida and Michigan delgates to be seated with full voting rights: Dems give Michigan and Florida full voting rights.

CNN reports: Hillary Clinton likely to release her delegates to Obama.

Go Ted… This is awesome news: Kennedy plans to address DNC! Scott Lehigh reports in the Boston Globe:

In a development that is sure to bring the house down, US Senator Edward M. Kennedy is expected to attend the Democratic National Convention, most likely to deliver a speech tomorrow night.

Kennedy is battling brain cancer, and his doctors are said to be worried that his treatment has compromised his immune system and that attending the convention could put him at further risk. Still, the senator has recently told people that he has a speech written for the convention and that he badly wants to come, pending a final medical consultation.

Buzz has built among Massachusetts politicos that Kennedy would come, and today a source close to the family confirmed that he had made a decision to come.

“He is definitely planning to be here,” said the Kennedy family confidant. “The whole Kennedy family will be in a special section. It should be quite moment.” […]

A Kennedy speech is usually a convention highlight, and Kennedy revels in an address that elicits a regular response from the crowd.

Given Kennedy’s illness, this year’s speech should be especially poignant.

The fun and excitement all starts Monday… Stay tuned…

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5 Responses to Late Night: Kennedy plans to address DNC

  1. Harry Knopp says:

    Ted Kennedy would have shown up at this convention on a gurney if necessary.  No way he would miss this.By the way, there’s a great set of DNCC (and RNCC) links on USA Media Guide.  They have links to the official sites, the protest sites, local Denver media coverage, where to watch them online, and links to blogs reporting from them.  The link is

  2. Harry Knopp

    You are probably right about Ted, and personally I can’t imagine the convention with out him. I grew up in MA, as a Kennedy, then Kerry Democrat.

    Thanks for the link, will check it out, as I am not going to be at the convention.

  3. Matt says:

    Colorado delegate Brian O’Donnell is posting updates from the convention floor though out the week on his blog

  4. John Stone says:

    I am so glad that Ted Kennedy is going to attend convention in Denver.  He has done so much good for the American people.  I,  like Pamela am a great fan of him and of course John Kerry too!

  5. Alrudder says:

    I hope Teddy can hang in there and serve in the Senate for at least another 12 months so President Obama can get his first budget through.  God forbid McSame wins, he’d also need Teddy big time.