Photo of the Day: Rednecks for Obama

I could not resist commenting on this photo from the NY Times Blog The Caucus. The Caucus reports: “Rednecks love Barack Obama. Or at least two of them do.”

We hunt, fish, drink beer and support Barrack Obama,” said Tony Viessman, a 74-year old former Hillary Clinton supporter from Rolla, Mo. He and his buddy Les Spencer co-founded “Rednecks for Obama,” a grassroots organization that announced itself outside the Pepsi Center with a huge “Rednecks for Obama” sign. How big is the organization?

“You’re looking at it,” said Mr. Viessman, who drinks Miller Lite and Bud Lite, drives a GMC pick-up truck (“gray so I can hide in the woods”) and owns about 10 guns.

A delegate passing by is reported to have said, “We love you, Rednecks for Obama.”

When a reporter turns to leave, Mr. Viessman reiterates that while he likes Bud and Miller, he doesn’t care if Mr. Obama might not.

“I don’t care about his beer, I care about his intelligence,” he said.

Put it on a bumper sticker.

I care about his intelligence too, Mr. Viessman. It’s great to see a former Clinton supporter jumping in with enthusiast support for Obama! Thanks so much for sharing your enthusiasm with other Democrats who are fired up to put Barack Obama in the White House! Here at The Dem Daily, we love Rednecks for Obama too!

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