Amazing! Absolutely amazing!

Who knew? If it was possible to see even a sliver of the future, what might be different?

Sen. Clinton just gave the presidency to her former rival, Sen. Obama. And in doing so, she accomplished the feat largely by showing the President she would have been, as opposed to the lesser president her campaign, for whatever reason, indicated we might have elected.

Meanwhile, Obama seems to have recently been engaged in trying to convince the electorate that he will be a lesser president than the President Hillary has just convinced any discerning observer we will actually be electing by voting for him.

Amazing! Absolutely amazing!

All that remains now is to see if President Obama can live up to the standard that Hillary has proved she would have set if a small number of points had been determined differently during the Primary and she had earned the candidacy that tonight’s speech indicates would correctly have been entrusted to here. She doesn’t just hit a homerun. She literally hits more than can be counted.

And the only thing that can make this apparent imbalance okay is if Biden tomorrow, and Obama in the stadium can prove that they are worthy of the trust that Hillary has said that she and we can place in them.

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One Response to Amazing! Absolutely amazing!

  1. Darrell

    Awesome post – thank you. I missed the speech because I was working on an order. I am going looking for it now online so I can watch.