Bloggers Choose the ‘Big Tent’ Over Official Convention Site

If you are wondering where the bloggers are blogging from who are blogging the convention live in Denver, you’ll find most of them at the ‘Big Tent.’

If you want to find bloggers here at the Democratic convention, don’t look inside the Pepsi Center, an island of concrete surrounded by fences, barriers, checkpoints, and heavily armed police in helmets and black uniforms.

Many have camped out in a more welcoming place: the so-called Big Tent, located a few blocks outside the security perimeter where bloggers can pay $100 for a place to work for the week. There are free smoothies and massages downstairs (thanks to Google) and free lectures upstairs (courtesy of left-leaning activists hoping to rally the faithful).

It is true that the Democratic National Convention Committee handed credentials to a record number of bloggers for the Denver convention this week, but more nevertheless appear to have gathered at the Big Tent. Adding to the lure of the unofficial venue is that the workspace’s location on Wynkoop Street is around the corner from a multitude of restaurants and private parties, including a massive Tuesday reception organized by Emily’s List, a late-night jazz festival, and an AT&T-sponsored brewery bash.

When I was considering going to the convention I checked into the ‘Big Tent’ and no doubt if I was there I’d be among the throng there blogging. My choice to not attend the convention boiled down to needing to put my business before my blogging… However I can’t help but think how much fun I’m missing. I’ll have more on today’s happenings at the convention later tonight. Business first for me today!

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