Hillary Calls On DNC to End Roll Call and Nominate Obama by Acclamation (VIDEO)

For all who were hoping for a floor fight today… Those hopes were dashed by a classy show of unity as Hillary Clinton called on the DNC to end the roll call vote and nominate Barack Obama by acclamation (emphasis mine):

Although there was some suspense over how the nomination process would play out, in the end, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton released her delegates before the roll call to vote for Mr. Obama and announced that she was voting for Mr. Obama and his running mate, Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. of Delaware. At 4:48 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time, at the urging of Mrs. Clinton, the New York delegation cast its votes for Mr. Obama, and Mrs. Clinton called on the Democratic National Convention to end the roll call and nominate him by acclamation.

“With eyes firmly fixed on the future in the spirit of unity, with the goal of victory, with faith in our party and country, let’s declare together in one voice, right here and right now, that Barack Obama is our candidate and he will be our president,” Mrs. Clinton said.

“I move that Senator Barack Obama of Illinois be selected by this convention by acclamation as the Democratic nominee for president of the United States.”

The crowd in the Pepsi Center roared as one and then began to chant, “Hillary, Hillary, Hillary.”

The NY Times reports that Barack Obama was “formally nominated by Michael Wilson of Florida, a Republican and Air Force medic and veteran of Iraq.”

I’ve seen war up close – not as a political slogan or some think-tank theory,” Mr. Wilson said. “I support Barack Obama because America needs a president who has the strength, wisdom and courage to talk to our enemies and consult with our allies. A president who has the judgment to use war as a last resort, not a first resort. A president who can adapt to new situations as things change, instead of being stuck in the past.”

As a symbolic gesture of respect to Mrs. Clinton for her strong showing in the primaries and her historic role as a woman candidate, her name was put in nomination by three of the 1,640 delegates who came to the convention pledged to support her: Dolores Huerta of California, Jordan Apollo Pazell of Utah and Denise Willams Harris of New York. Ms. Huerta is co-founder of the United Farm Workers Union.

Personally, I never expected anything less from Hillary Clinton today. I knew in my gut and my heart that she would do what ever it takes to make sure Barack Obama became our nominee. Obama’s nomination by acclamation was a great moment for Democrats and great moment for the future of America.

Let’s get to work!

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6 Responses to Hillary Calls On DNC to End Roll Call and Nominate Obama by Acclamation (VIDEO)

  1. That roll call was enlightening ! Just curious and why do we have delegates that have a job to support the votes and voices across their states if they yell, pass? My lord,James Knox Polk watching that may have needed smelling salts. What a process for democracy we have in America ! Thank- you Clinton and we see it ! Think she took a hit so we could ! What is a delegates job ? To be there and dance in a crazy hat ? Why did they say pass if there responsibilty is to support the voices from their states ? To much back door bullshoot in the bucket and personally hated that part of the drama !

  2. What does that back drop stage prop say ? The Preamble to the United States Constitution or The Declaration of Independence ? We are reading,ME THE PEOPLE on it and what is going on with that ? Are they trying to re-create the Preamble or what is that ? Did graphic design goof up or what happened ? Do we need new glasses ? What does that say ? Is it saying, Me The People ? The Preamble does not have me the people in it or does the Declaration of Independence ! Will someone please re-wind and tell us what that back drop from the democratic convention says as aired last night.

  3. Biden says,”get up !” We’re dazed and need smelling salts but swinging after that crazy roll call for democracy ! TR wod have passed out too but there goes that Hillary Clinton ! Thank-God she stopped that when she did and we had riders flying off all over the place ! We want to know what’s up with all this delegate business ! What happened ? We passed out !

  4. Theresa says:

    Right up to the day Hillary gave the most strongly supportive speech I think a primary opponent has ever given for the winner at a convention, I kept hearing snide false depictions of her throughout the media.  She was told to “Stop it!” when she had been nothing but supportive of Obama since early June and the day of her speech I heard on the radio that she must stop thinking that it is all about her.  Hillary made it clear throughout the campaign that her focus was on getting a government that would function well for the peo[ple.  She kept reminding us in her campaign speeches that Obama was in agreement with her on issues and we would unite behind whichever candidate won.  Ever since she stopped campaigning in early June she has been constantly supportive of him and told all of us repeatedly in advance that the convention would unite in support of Obama. Hillary is pretty tough and seems to ignore these false depictions of her.  But I don’t think we should. 

  5. At least they played the O’Jay’s but we didn’t even hear it and we were crying and all upset. Heard Bill Clinton say, set an example and passed out. Every survival kit needs  sense of humor ! Who’s got the map to get it done now ? When is the first debate on the issues ? McCain picks his VP tomorrow.

  6. No sweat ! We got it and see it and so did millions ! Look up the definition of delegate and go be one that fights to the end ! That roll call political business needs help and something is not fair and square with these roll calls. How do we fix it and find a better way now that we see something wrong ?