Obama Bounces Ahead, 48% to 42%

Everyone’s been looking for the Obama bounce in the polls. The Gallup Daily gives Obama a 6 point lead today:

The latest three-day Gallup Poll Daily tracking average (Aug. 25-27) is directly coincident with the first three days of the Democratic National Convention in Denver, and is no doubt beginning to reflect the typical convention “bounce” that Gallup has observed in most party conventions in recent decades. There is a lag of sorts involved in the daily tracking; interviewing is conducted in most parts of the country before that evening’s high-focus speeches have taken place. Thus, the current three-day average would reflect any impact of Monday night’s speech by Michelle Obama, and Tuesday night’s speech by Hillary Clinton, but would not completely reflect Wednesday night’s lineup of speakers, such as John Kerry, former President Bill Clinton, and vice presidential nominee Joe Biden, nor the appearance on stage at the end of the evening by Barack Obama himself.

So what does all of this mean? With some luck we’ll see a bigger bounce in the next Gallup Daily after the tracking picks up on last night’s triple header with Bill Clinton, John Kerry and Joe Biden and the big to do tonight with our nominee Barack Obama.

Stay tuned…

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10 Responses to Obama Bounces Ahead, 48% to 42%

  1. John Stone says:

    All Democrats are showing that they are team players. Lets all work together to put Obama-Biden in the White House and get a bigger majority in both  houses of congress and state legislatures.  Lets end this nightmare Republican Disaster of Bush-Cheney!

  2. Podium observation from stage, back drop of question. As Melissa E. was singing,God Bless America there was a back drop that resemble, The Declaration of Independence at the Democratic nomination for Obama last night. From where we were sitting, the words read,”ME THE PEOPLE.” Do we all need glasses ? Did anyone else see that and wonder why the democratic party was distorting the Declaration of Independence and wording this back drop on stage prop, ME THE PEOPLE ? Will someone look at that and tell us what you’re reading and confirm. 

  3. ironxl84 says:

    I was an ardent Hillary supporter.At one point I even called Barack a Snake Oil Salesman. Well, shame on me.As I witness the crescendo of energy around Barack,I now realize that I have never been more guilty of a character misjudgement. He has galvanized the Democratic Nation. I apologize for my closed perspective.May Barack usher in a new legacy in the USA,No way, No how, No McCain!Go BARACK!I have witnessed Nixon, Reagan and Bush.I have lost hope after all this, I am embiterred.Yet once again, I will allow myself to be hopefull…Is it really possible that we can do it this time?I think it can really happen. And we should never go back to where we were before.Tom

  4. alrudder says:

    Come on Pamela, we were both loyal Kerry supporters during the dark days of the fall of 2003. Ignore polls at this point. A Gallup tracking poll that depends on landline telephones means nothing.

  5. alrudder

    The poll post is called… Pamela is really, really busy these days trying to make some drastic changes in her life and posting on the poll was quick and easy!

  6. ironxl84/Tom

    The change is coming my friend! I do believe we can do it this time.

  7. Still with questions concerning what,”ME THE PEOPLE meant at the democratic party on the stage back drop. Was it to resemble the Preamble to the constitution ? There is no ,me the people in that document or the Declaration of Independence for that matter.

  8. Have never said Obama was a snake oil salesmen but will say after the primary as a Clinton supportor, I’m not real trusting of Obama right now but clearly see the issues and in the end, that’s why you vote one way or another. McCain just blew a hole in the roof and it had 18 million cracks already. Who is Palin and what is her voting record and position on the issues ? She does not agree with everything McCain’s voting record represents and or one, she’s pro choice. It’s all making me laugh ! We all divided up into teams and the rule is, try to stay objective but don’t always pass on that. Never the less,my team got research ! God bless America ! Pass the smelling salts ! So far, all we know is Pelin loves to hunt and fish ! She shoots straight fromthe shoulder,the Baptist Convention president supports her and she’s a good person and strong on women’s rights. They say she’s tough as nails and honest ! We have a lot to study

  9. Peace Out

    “McCain just blew a hole in the roof and it had 18 million cracks already… We have a lot to study”

    McCain is angling for women like you who wanted Hillary because she’s a woman, so good luck with that if you don’t see his very politically motivated exploitation of Palin’s gender. And YOU may “have a lot to study” but The Dem Daily is 100% behind Obama – Biden 08.

    “No Way, No How, No McCain” here. I will work against McCain – Palin 100% here.

  10. Oh and Peace Out

    Just another FYI, Palin is PRO-LIFE not Pro-Choice. Wake up and smell the coffee.

    Her pro-life stance is sure to win the hearts of social conservatives.”