Summing Up The First Look At Anti-Choice, Creationist Sarah Palin

Ok. Let’s get down to it. A former beauty queen, with no substantive political experience, who is anti-choice and a creationist , and therefore anti-science, is now supposed to become the Vice President. She would be just one heatbeat away from the Presidency. Doddering around the Oval Office will be her elderly President.  One heartbeat away is too apt, too vivid and too close to reality a description in this terrifying case.

To top it off , she’s involved in a scandal in Alaska about the misuse of executive power. What would she do from the White House? Is she the successor to Darth Vader Cheney? Probably not. She’s not experienced enough. But the misuse of executive power, especially when you deny knowing what your chief of staff is doing, is so Bush-like it’s truly disturbing.

Didn’t know what her chief of staff, the guy that doesn’t do diddly without her ok, was doing. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. As Wonkette said, “Hooray for Sarah Palin, the new fake Hillary Clinton!”

Anti-choice, inexperienced, a creationist and a running scandal involving executive power. That’s gotta be a dealbreaker for any thinking voter. The fact she is female doesn’t mitigate the reality that she, or the elderly President, will appoint Supreme Court justices that will overturn Roe v Wade. What about the little girls today? Are they supposed to live in an anti-choice nation? Are they supposed to have creationism in the schools?

Will her good looks get her votes? If you don’t think her looks and that photo that won’t be an asset you are nuts.

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11 Responses to Summing Up The First Look At Anti-Choice, Creationist Sarah Palin

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    I’m wondering how Biden debates her. If he gets real tough does he show her as being weak, or does he lose points for being mean? Or maybe he under prepares and she gets the better of him by having some huge amount of potential which has not yet manifested itself.

  2. Alrudder says:

    It will be interesting to know what woman will be Joe Biden’s sparring partner for debate prep.My take on Sarah Palin is she is Clarence Thomas for women.  A cynical token.It is hard to deliniate “trailblazing” from “tokensim”, and voting for pride versus voting for prejudice.  You just know it when you smell it.  This reeks.

  3. alrudder

    It sure does reek.

  4. NO WAY ! NO HOW ! NO KING OBAMA ! Go McSane and Palin for your best interests on National Security ! Wish you all the best in the Kingdom and Shalom ! My vote and catharis but just don’t trust Obama after he primary ! The Demoratic Daily has been great and you guys are wonderful ! Good Luck ! Chew up the political dirty politicans and spit em out Palin ! Ha ! Hooray America !

  5. Bye Bye Peace Out…

  6. mc08 says:

    C’mon Fellow Democrats, I wanna puke – we need to grow some spines.
    Don’t you see what’s unfolding? QUIT LOOKING DUMB-FOUNDED AND KISSING BUTT.

    Once again the conservatives have no creative or original ideas of their own, so they steal ours and drive them home like we fail to know how to do. They’re opportunists, watch them work. They took a truly organic and heart-felt, hard-worked run of Hillary’s, who earned every single vote she received, and remanufactured a new version with the GMO Palin Frankenstein. AND THE SAD PART IS THAT THE MEDIA IS NOT CALLING THEM OUT ON IT!

    Let me Give You Your TALKING POINTS my faint-hearted, easily-bullied, overly-polite and apologetic Dems: (I promise people will still like you afterwards)

    1. SEXISM. They plan to heavily capitalize on the divisions and pitfalls they witnessed in Hillary’s campaign that claims sexism, (which trumps “racism”) and they are jumping right on it. If we question anything about Palin’s family responsibilities to her special needs child who’s only 5 months old, or we say that McInsane hired her as a “token” because she hasn’t earned the spot, they spit sexism at us with a huge smile on their face, because finally now they’re in the race – SAD. -CALL ‘EM On IT!

    2. FLIP FLOP. They are the ones who complained about inexperience NOT us, IT WAS THEIR ISSUE, AND THEY’RE REVERSING THEIR STANCE ON IT. -CALL ‘EM On IT!

    3. JUDGEMENT – McCain’s “Off the rails on a Crazy Train” He just met her 1 time before they met to offer her the job. And he claims she’s “the one.” And he’s entrusting her with the whole country’s problems if he croaks, which drives home the “reckless” accusations that the Republicans said before (do I see a commercial here?) -CALL ‘EM On IT!

    4. Lastly and Most importantly – OBAMA WORKED FOR IT, PALIN WAS HANDED IT – (typical of the republicans) PLEASE NOTE: – Barak Obama went through years of preparation, struggle, strategy and fight to win over the hearts and minds of the people. (Hillary too, for that matter). He is truly for and of the people. MOST NOTEWORTHY: His education is superior – a law degree, President of the Law Review, and many other intellectual accomplishments that better qualifies him. Doesn’t education mean anything? or are we scared they will say we are elitist ? Palin only has a BA in Journalism, barely even enough to get a job on CNN. -CALL ‘EM On IT!

    Fellow Dems, I can’t live through another snow-job fake election- FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!!! Wake up. This is our chance, we know we have the better candidate for obvious reasons, don’t be afraid to tell it like it is, people will still like you – I promise.

  7. What does ME THE PEOPLE MEAN ? A subliminal surprise at the democratic convention or what ? Look carefully at the U-TUBE video of Mellisa E. singing ,God Bless America at the stage prop behind her and where do the democrats for Obama get off changing the words to the Preamble ! “WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES ,IN ORDER TO FORM A MORE PERFECT UNION….” What does, me the people mean democrats for Obama ?

  8. Peace Out

    Let me express this one more time before I put you on moderation. If you are not onboard with Obama, please take it elsewhere.

  9. George Clayborne says:

    You guys are funny – comparing BO to SP.  In case you’ve overlooked it, I believe BO is running for prez while SP is running for VP.  But then again, the comparisons you make do point out that SP is more qualified for the top job than BO.  Can you point to any significant BO has?  Other than being an attractive and the ability to read a good speech, BO has accomplished NOTHING!

  10. Peace Out: There’s no excuse for voting for an anti-choice., creationist VP. None. The women of this nation deserve better than the repeal of Roe v. Wade. The people of this nation deserve better than the presence of a Vice President who, as a creationist, is , by definition, anti-science.

    There’s simply no excuse unless you agree with these statements of fact. It has nothing to do with the goddamn primary. It has nothing to do even with John McCain, except we hope he is long lived. It has everything to do with the social structure of this nation.

    This Vice President, any Vice President, who is a real partner with their President, as Al Gore and Bill Clinton were, has a significant choice is the Cabinet. Even more importantly they could, like Cheney, have a very heavy role in the appointment of under-secretaries and other sub-cabinet but highly powerful positions.

    Do you want that advice, and perhaps pure power if delegated by the President, to reside in someone who is anti-choice? As she is an creationist do you want her to have a potentially heavy impact on the Dept of Education?

    If you believed in Hillary Clinton for any reason other than her gender then you cannot vote for McCain-Palin.

    No Hillary Clinton supporter who actually supported her policy positions and her philosophy could even consider voting for McCain-Palin because of the presence of the female on the ticket or the actions of the nominee in the primary.

    If Hillary has accepted those actions as part of the political process and heartily supports Barack Obama then you must do the same.

    If you never believed in Hillary as anything but the first female to have a real run at the WH, then fine…you are an unthinking soul that wants four more years of the same bullshit and death we’ve suffered under George W. Bush.

    Sorry for the harsh words, Peace Out, but enough is enough.

  11. Trust me, Mc08, the authors of the DemDaily are not easily bullied or unthinking. We attack  and report fact.

    You hvae good talking point’s that are noted. The education disparity is very good. We at the DemDaily do not shirk our responsiblity to call a spade a spade. This is less than 36 hours old and already we have at least two fact-filled and emotional articles about their choice.

    The rest of the campaign will be time to rally the troops and expose the lies. Your comments are welcomed and well-constructed. Please continue to be a reader. I do wonder, however, how you got the handle of Mc08.