An Analysis Of Obama’s DNC Speech From The Rude One…and it’s very rude and very true

The Rude One, at The Rude Pundit writes posts that are, by definition, street language and generally rude to the Right. He always backs up his rants with facts and says them in ways that bring home the crisis America faces in ways I can only envy. It’s like having Bill Maher moderate a debate. (Can you imagine?)

At the end of a long article about Barack Obama’s DNC speech where he deliberately called out the GOP for a full-fledged free-for-all election, here’s his The Rude One’s closing statement. However profane it’s the most impactful summation I’ve seen yet.

After watching Mondale, Dukakis, Gore, Kerry, and, to a large extent, Clinton act like they were supposed to turn the other cheek again and again, it was goddamn cathartic to see a Democratic candidate reach up and grab the hand that was slapping him and say, “No, not this time around, motherf**ker.”

No wonder the right didn’t know how to react. It was like seeing a prison b**ch grab his rapist and beat his head on the side of the bunk. Rove won’t die easily, though. When they weren’t being attacked, Republicans mocked John Kerry’s military service, medals, and wounds. Imagine what they’ll do when they’re cornered.

Gird yer loins, motherf**kers, and break out the axes. We’ve joined the battle.

I’ve said many times this is going to be the most filthy campaign since the early 1800’s. McCain is hoping that the presence of a pretty, seemingly innocent anti-choice, creationist VP nominee on the ticket will force the Democrats, as nice people, to blunt their attacks on her and the ticket. I hope with all my heart they are wrong. [This is a link to a YouTube page that has the McCain announcement event. I couldn’t stomach posting the actual video.]

The Rude One is right. Break out the battle axes. This is war. Attack, Attack, Attack.

If they cry out about attacks on their pretty VP nominee, scream at those reactions are SEXIST. You can’t have it both ways. Either a female politician is equal to a male or not.  Gender shouldn’t stop rough-stage politics. ATTACK HER, ATTACK McCAIN, ATTACK THE WAR, ATTACK THE LAST EIGHT YEARS. Start today Barack, Joe and surrogates, and never stop.

Nice won’t win this election. God help the United States of America and it’s constitution if we lose.

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16 Responses to An Analysis Of Obama’s DNC Speech From The Rude One…and it’s very rude and very true

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    I don’t think that Gov. Palin can be attacked effectively unless and until she provides new material in the Convention to attack her with. Everything else I’m seeing is too ambiguous. Do you suppose that there is any chance that she’ll rise to the challenge? I mean even playing it safe on her first big performance would provide plenty of material to go after her with.

  2. Darrell Prows says:

    Okay, now I’ve changed my mind. I didn’t realize that her handicapped son was born only 4 months ago. To try to have that baby and keep her office was almost inexcusable. To just shrug the child off by jumping into the 24/7 madhouse of this campaign is the height of irresponsibility. She made her choice four months ago, and to go back on it now means that she is a completely untrustworthy person.

  3. Theresa says:

    I’m not sure my two bits make any difference, but I believe the Democrats can win easily by keeping to the issues and making sure potential voters know the facts.  Being furious and ready to fight can be good motivation for keeping actively engaged, but I hope you will rein in the less polite language when trying to win over the uncommitted.  I believe the only ones who like Maher are the ones who already agree with him.  I can understand your letting off steam here, but I hope you channel it elsewhere.  Also, as hard as it may be, I don’t think we know enough about Palin’s personal life to pass judgment, although campaigning under these circumstances seems impossible. 

  4. Stuart

    One — I agree with Theresa on the language and although you were quoting another blogger, some slective editing on the language would have been appreciated. I took the liberty of that, as editor. 

    As for Rude Pundit’s opinion of Obama’s speech – I guess I missed where he reached up and grabbed the hand that was slapping him. It was perhaps the most forceful speech I have seen from Obama, but he’s not going to play attack dog in my opinion, no matter how much we encourage it.

  5. Darrell

    Some think Palin’s last child might be her 16 year old daughter’s.

  6. Darrell, you say that you don’t think that Palin can be attacked until she provides more information that we can attack her with.   I disagree.  What about her total lack of experience and the fact that she would be just one heart beat away from becoming president?   McCain also has displayed an unbelievable lack of sound judgement in picking her!!!    Buz

  7. Buzz

    The theory is if we go after her lack of experience it will come back to bite Obama, because of his own slender record.

  8. Pamala !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Forget all the party line political for an interest of fair question ! Melissa E. singing at democratic convention and a great performance! Depending on camera angle the calligraphy is confusing in image and almost looks subliminal of question. Take a sharp look at the M or is that a W and it changes in image that’s confusing. Makes one question,are they saying WE THE PEOPLE or ME THE PEOPLE ? We’ve have had twenty people look at that and all say it’s confusing when pointed out and go look ! We assume it is to resemble the Preamble to the Constitution.Check out the calligraphy image on stage back drop message as she’s singing. Is that an M or a W ? Seems to change in image depending on camera angle. We called a few calligraphy experts to put their eye on that.We don’t need any confusion on the wording of the Preamble or meaning ! We assume it’s saying WE THE PEOPLE but depending on the camera angle viewing that W it changes to some degree and many may view it ME THE PEOPLE in meaning. That calligraphy is trickie ! Go put an eagle’s eye on that ! Image clarification and you want no confusion democrats ! Where are Obama’s stage presentation teams ? Called my buddie and he’s a professional camera man retired and he sees it.

  9. That quote was vetted with you before publishing. I must have missed something.  As to the attitude, she’s earned it. And I’m not campaigning. I’m commenting. She deserves the anger of the American public because she is so manifestly unqualified yet proposes to be one heartbeat from the Presidency. Later I’ll post a conversation I had with two young women yesterday.

    You don’t ‘stick to the issues’ and win a filthy fight. Palin is just one surprise in a campaign that has already seen Republican outside groups run nearly racist ads. And another Democrat wants to play nice. We’ve been playing nice for a long time. The other side doesn’t. This time we don’t.

    And the hand slapping the face was a metaphor for the way Republicans get away with vicious attacks while we turn the other cheek. NOT hiim. Not me. Not this time. I”m hoping not Obama-Biden, not the outside groups that support us. Nobody plays nice this time unless it’s appropriate to the circumstances. Otherwise ATTACK. It may be isssue oriented not personal…but attack. His and her qualifications aren’t personal. That’s real world. That’s reality. That’s the serious nature of the offices.

    McCain said his #1 qualification for a VP would be their ability to step into the Oval Office. And he picks Pretty Palin? That alone calls into question his judgment.

  10. Creative drama set designers on stage look out and heads up ! Time out and that calligraphy on the W os that an M needs clarification ! Go get your camera fellows to check that out before you roll with production !

  11. God Bless our leaders in this country ! They’ll chew y up on everything and I hate it but it’s what they do to them ! Michelle’s bra strap was showing in her speech and why didn’t somebody fix that and tell her ! Right side of her dress ? They get torn up on image and it’s wrong but the truth and do. It’s wrong the media jumped all over Palin too ! They didn’t even know anything about her or mention one issue she stood for but  jump in to attack ! Makes the news look foolish ! Hurricane Gustav ? God bless all those people !

  12. Stuart

    I only knew you were posting it, didn’t know how explicit the language was. I always, always edit language like that in anyone’s posts here.

  13. Peace Out

    How much more explicit must I be? We are supporting Obama here. Enough with the we-me the people stuff. I will edit it out of your comments in the future.

  14. Darrell Prows says:

    (1) So far, nobody will touch a mother abandoning her handicapped infant like this. Now if she wants to breast feed on air, or some such, I could see arguing that she’s balancing her roles, but going 100% ploitics and 0% baby is outrageous. Also, babies need to sleep in their own beds at night, with their parents available as much as is possible.(2) Biden gets bashed for saying his wife looks good, and the same people give McCain a walk for suggesting that his wife could win the Miss Buffalochip Contest? I wonder if he’ll enter little “Gidget” also.(3) “Bush may not be popular but more people dislike the performance of Congress, and it’s Democratic”. Why are Republics being allowed to make major mileage off of this lie. Last I checked Dems had won most or all special elections this year proving that voters understand that the problem is coming from the other side of the aisle. The right has used the filibuster to keep many good ideas botteled up, and is now trying to use this line to force the left to allow Rep bills to be the only ones considered by causing stalemate and then capitalizing on it. They are trying to force rule by minority and I join Stuart in saying that it’s they start getting what they deserve. Why should voters believe that we’ll fight for them when we won’t even fight for ourselves?

  15. Theresa says:

    Unlike the campaign against Hillary which was often dirty, deliberately trying to convince voters that she lied about her accomplishments, the Obama campaign is right in sticking to issues.  Palin lives in Alaska and doesn’t know the polar bear should be protected.  What is much worse is that she does not know the scientists are right in warning of global catastrophe from man-made global warming.  There are fair and accurate matters that should be publicised.  This is not playing dirty.  Planning a filthy campaign is definitely not the way to win over uncommitted voters.  It is the way to turn them off.

  16. Darrell Prows says:

    Theresa: Calling these folks on their lies/distortions is not dirty. Doing anything less is just plain a losing strategy. I watched Sen. Kerry for a few minutes this morning and I swear that he now understands the mistake he made.