Kerry: Palin Pick is “Insulting to Clinton Supporters”

John Kerry was on This Week with George Stephanopoulos today talking about McCain picking Sarah Palin as his VP. Kerry responded to a question from Stephanopoulos about whether he thought the Palin pick would help McCain garner support from women who supported Clinton. As always, Kerry was on the money… calling the pick “insulting to Clinton supporters.” Watch it here:

YouTube Preview Image

(h/t Osterly Times for the video). TIME Magazine‘s blog The Page also has this from Stephanopoulos: “Stephanopoulos: “The Big Question… What Else Don’t We Know About Governor Palin”.

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2 Responses to Kerry: Palin Pick is “Insulting to Clinton Supporters”

  1. Good comparison with contrast but in all fairness, think we’re still researching Palin. We hear she chews up dirty political business deals and is a straight shooter !

  2. Peace Out

    Palin makes dirty political deals. Get your facts straight. She is no Hillary Clinton.