Sarah Palin, The Gift That Keeps On Giving

John McCain’s VP pick Sarah Palin seems to be the gift that keeps on giving. There’s a lot we still do know about her and a lot that we do now know. Frankly, I think Palin is steeped in hypocrisy and I know I am not alone in that thinking. As the mother of 19 year old daughter, I am appalled at “Palin’s Handling of Other People’s Pregnant Teens.”

Today, Sarah Palin is being “prepped for prime time,” as McCain’s top advisors have been briefing “her on the nuances of his policy positions, national politics and, above all, how to introduce herself to the national audience” when she addresses the audenience and TV viewers at the Republican convention tonight.

We know now that Palin was barely vetted and the news that McCain “had criticized earmarks from Palin,” adds a new level of hypocrisy to McCain’s image as well.

Stay tuned… No doubt there’s still more to surface on Palin.

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5 Responses to Sarah Palin, The Gift That Keeps On Giving

  1. Sandra says:

    Here are a few things I found.#1 – Abuse of power. She used her power as mayor to fire a police chief without cause because he supported her opponent, then the librarian because she wouldn’t censor books. She went on to abuse her power by firing a state employee who wouldn’t fire her ex-brother-in-law (Troopergate), and fired a long time aide, due to the fact that her husband didn’t like him dating the soon to be ex-wife of his friend.#2 – She supported the bridge to nowhere before she was against it. It was a hugely wasteful project that she pushed for then claimed in her first speech as a candidate for VP, that she was against it.#3 – She chaired the corrupt and under indictment, Ted Stevens, 527 organization. This alone could put her Alaska approval ratings in the tank because Stevens is despised on the level of Frank Murkowski.#4 – She was a member of a political party, before becoming mayor, that has as a stated goal, the secession of Alaska from the Union. This is radical on a level not seen on the national level of politics since reconstruction.#5 – It is now been confirmed her husband was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated in 1984.#6 – While as governor, one of her daughters got pregnant at 16 and now is 5 months pregnant. This revelation coming from Gov. Palin who believes in ‘abstinence-only’ education.#7 – She has broke a federal law about offering bounties on wolves and using taxpayer money that could have went to fund the poor school system in AK, and instead has been used to fund AERIAL shooting teams to kill wolves.(this one confuses me)#8 – She zero foreign policy experience and is a virtual unknown worldwide.When McCain says that terrorism, in his opinion, is the greatest threat to America, is it wise to pick her when he’s not in very good health and 72, and after he said he’d pick someone he trusted and knew very well?#9 – She left the 8400 people of Wasilla, Alaska in $20,000,000 worth of debt when she left as mayor. Her other experience is being gov. of AK for 20 months. Her education consists of a BA in journalism from the University of Idaho.#10 – She says that she would be against her own daughter having the right to an abortion, even if a rapist did the impregnating.#11 – She, as Governor, laughed repeatedly as AK Republican State Senate President, Lyda Green, was called a Cancer, a Bitch, and mocked for her modest obesity, on the air of a shock-jock AM radio program.#12 – She is against basic human rights of GLBT citizens of the United States to have civil unions or be able to make decisions for their loved ones who may be in the hospital, extended-care facility, etc. and all the other basic rights that Straight bondings are given.#13 – She hunts and kills animals (specifically some there’s not a lot of) simply for sport.#14 – Palin also had to withdraw her appointment of a top public safety commissioner who had been reprimanded for sexual harassment against a female, although Palin had been warned about his background through letters by the sexual harassment complainant.#15 – She doesn’t believe global warming is caused by mankind.The pick of Palin was rushed, and the ‘Maverick’ gave in after he was told he couldn’t pick who he wanted, to simply try and get female votes from former Clinton supporters.

  2. Alrudder says:

    Palin is on the cover of Time and some supermarket tabloids.  This is great, the GOP has no succinct message coming out of their convention.McCain and whatever message he has is getting muddled, and he won’t be able to get traction before the debates in three weeks.

  3. Dizzy Dezzi says:

    You gotta admit, this is probably the most excited most Americans have been about an election in years.  Sadly, it takes tabloid level gossip/drama to get them connected.But, this time around (and the last two times, actually) we really really really need people to pay attention and have their eyes open to see the truth.  That, indeed, “Eight IS Enough” and that they need to wake up and get their butts to the ballot boxes come November and make sure they tell the Republicans (most especially McCain-Palin) that they are no longer welcome.

  4. JusLilOleMe says:

    I couldn’t decide whether or not to watch her speech. I did…. it was like watching a train wreck. It’s a horrible tragedy, but you just can’t make yourself turn away. She was entertaining… So is the Circus, but I don’t want a Clown to run the Country anymore than I want to see Palin in a position to run it. The only reason she was selected was to draw attention away from Obama and to the Republicans. I’m insulted by the fact that they think the American public is that naive. The Republican were desperate to make history. All they managed to do is make fools of themselves, and THAT will go down in history.

  5. denise says:

    Am I the only one who thinks bringing a baby to the convention borders on child abuse?  I mean, would you take a baby to a rock concert?  That place is noisy, and little ones need quiet.  Also, in these times, not giving your teenage daughter all the info available on birth control is neglect.