Ten Post Round-Up: We Won’t Get Shafted, Again

You’ve got to give McCain credit.  By welcoming Palin into his campaign, he sure livened things up quite a bit in this election (and no, I’m not referring to you-know-what, unless you know what is a bridge or something).

Truth be told, I don’t blame him for his (apparently) monumental screw-up.  There was not much more he could do after Obama pretty much drop-kicked McCain during his awesome speech, last week.  McCain can only hope that Palin will continue to be a distraction, especially if his big speech does not get the audience and/or the viewership that Obama’s did.

Looks like I got more to dish about Palin in today’s Ten Post Round-Up (after all, forewarned is fore-armed).  I heard that Jerry Reed (of Smokey and the Bandit fame) died today.  Searching for a song to link to, this one made me think of the Republican party and how we have been treated since GWB got the WH (S/He got the goldmine–I/We got the shaft).

  • Get ready to have your access capped or pay more for internet access.
  • More Gestapo tactics at the RNC.  Welcome to Republican America, indeed!
  • Progressives (and probably some Conservatives) have started a Palin Pull-out Pool.  Will and when will she make her grand exit?  I’ve placed my bet.

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3 Responses to Ten Post Round-Up: We Won’t Get Shafted, Again

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    Where’s my trickle?
              Remember, particularly since the latest convention carried so many reminders of it, that the best way to make the economy grow is to cut taxes. Because wealthier taxpayers are paying a greater amount of taxes, they, of course, will end up with by far the lion share of the tax reduction. But this is all wonderful because these are exactly the people whose prosperity we all want to rejoice in, as they are the true job and wage creators in our amazing “free market” system. The chosen few enjoy wealth beyond measure and this makes us all prosper because there is a fundamental precept at work here named “trickle down”. “A rising tide raises all boats”, according to Saint Ronnie.
              If by some chance you also have missed out on your trickle, just wait. The Convention made it clear that John McCain is the trickle down repairman. Trust him!

  2. Dizzy Dezzi says:

    Is it just me or are you getting tired of getting “trickled on” by all those folks at the top of the food chain?Jus’ askin’…

  3. Darrell Prows says:

    It seems like when I was younger, the rich got richer only because everyone else was getting our share also, and we accepted the connection between the two standards of living. Now I see only disconnect, and really wonder when this finally turns into something that most folks are just not willing to accept any longer.