Advocate for Special Needs Kids…Not In Alaska

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CNN-Soledad O’Brien Just Destroyed Palin (Special Needs Record)

McCain/Palin need to be more careful when pandering to special interest groups.

Just now, 9:35 am on CNN, in discussion with a McCain representative and Palin preparer.

Not quote but representation …

SO- Last night your candidate Gov. Palin discussed her special needs child.

Surrogate- Yes, if Gov. Palin is elected they will have an advocate in the White House.

SO- Well, that’s interesting, I received numerous e-mails from special needs advocates in Alaska and they say.  Sarah Palin, is not advocate for special needs families, she cut the special needs budget in Alaska by 62%

Surrogate- Well she will be an advocate for them.

SO- So she will do the opposite of her record as Govener?

Surrogate- No one should doubt her word, if she says she will be an advocate for special needs families

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3 Responses to Advocate for Special Needs Kids…Not In Alaska

  1. Clint Zarr says:

    Everyone knows republicans cut social programs when they can, without a doubt there record stands clear on this matter. They give tax breaks to the rich, run up the deficet on thier illegal, and unnecessary wars and talk about cutting social programs like social security.

  2. Karessa says:

    I would like to know what steps do I need to become a advocate for special needs individuals.

  3. Theresa says:

    On CNN 360 last night (Sept. 9) they said that what has been circulating on the blogs is not correct.  They said Sarah Palin had raised funding, not lowered it, for special needs children.  I hope, as before, that Obama will win because of major policy issues which I believe the Democratic agenda satisfies much better than the Republicans.  But it is very important that we treat every Republican with the same desire for truth and fairness that we have for ourselves.