Obama : “I’ve Been Called Worse On The Basketball Court”

Barack Obama responds to Sarah Palin’s attacks:

We shouldn’t have to explain but in the wake of the attacks on Obama’s record as a community organizer, apparently we do need to clarify: “What a Community Organizer Does.”

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4 Responses to Obama : “I’ve Been Called Worse On The Basketball Court”

  1. Dizzy Dezzi says:

    Not only do they want all Americans to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, the Republicans also ridicule those who want to help those less fortunate, by giving them the straps they need to pull up their boots.Yep, stay classy, Republicans.

  2. Theresa says:

    Obama’s response to questions about the Republican convention showed a healthy perspective and clear focus on what he should be focusing on, the issues.  If he had shown that attitude last fall, continuing until Hillary’s campaign ended, instead of depicting her as dishonest in stating her experience, we would have had many more Hillary supporters immediately supporting him. Experienced political fighters may find this path difficult and uninviting, but ordinary people, the millions who rarely vote, I think, are discouraged from voting for anyone when they read the one-sided descriptions and judgments by one party against another, especially when they amount to character assassinations.  Obama’s call for a new approach to politics should include all of us sincerely wanting a clear, fair, complete and unbiased portrayal of every candidate.  Unfortunately, even the main news media seems to be scarce on reporters who care more about telling the complete story than furthering their own agenda. Bias not only is wrong, it frustrates and discourages undecided voters who want the whole truth.

  3. ironxl84 says:

    The simple fact that McCain selected Sarah Palin as his VP proves the point that he just doesn’t get it.What he really needed was someone who would reinforce the notion that he had a clear grasp of the economic problems this country is facing.Instead he selected a “pitbull with lipstick” in order to appease the right wing. In the days and weeks ahead, we shall see if the American public has the savvy to make a choice between those that seek honest solutions to big problems – versus – those that believe that this election is about some cult of personality.The debates should clearly show that the Obama-Biden ticket is staying on focus with the issues – while the McCain-Palin ticket tries to win through an insultfest.Tom

  4. Alex says:

    In a previous interview on CNBC, Gov. Palin admits that she really doesn’t know what the role of a VP is, she actually said that she didn’t know what a VP does. For a person who claims to have more experience than Obama, at least he knows what the VP actually does.The interview is posted on youtube.com: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oro2Yh9HoEM