Ten Post Round-Up: Superwoman Edition

By the time you read this post you will either have recovered from the Palin Speech Drinking Game or had enough Pepto to settle your tummy.  Of course, if you are like me, you probably opted for a refreshing rerun of CSI.

For those of you who prefer your Republican/Conservative news in bite-size portions, today’s Ten Post Round-Up will not disappoint.  But, before you proceed, you might want to indulge in a little musical interlude and remember that you are (or may very likely know) a Superwoman.

  • Looks like McMaverick’s game plan backfired.
  • May the Great Pumpkin bless and keep him: Voice of Snoopy goes to the Great Pumpkin patch in the sky.
  • Let us remember that like a firearm, when in the proximity of a microphone, always assume that it’s loaded (I very recently discovered how embarrassing that can be…thankfully, I’m not a national figure)!

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